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10 Websites, Hookup Apps, and Bars Recommended in New Orleans in 2020

It’s hard to come up with new things to say about New Orleans that you haven’t heard thousands of times before. NOLA is like nowhere you’ve ever been before. It’s a city of hope, and many people gravitate here to begin a new life. It’s a city of passion, it’s sexy, and the people love to party all day and all night. In New Orleans, people love using hookup apps because everyone is always down to have a good time. And it has an amazing bar scene as well.

As much as you love the city and think it’s awesome, it can get depressing at times when you know so many people are getting laid but you aren’t one of them. It should be such an easy place to hook up and with all of the tourists, festivals, and Tulane students to go around. Yet we all go through dry spells from time to time. Most people forget that they spend time in the worst places when trying to hook up in New Orleans.

It doesn’t matter if you’re uptown, or spending time in the 9th Ward, because the primary principles continue to apply. You must have the right tools at your disposal in order to hook up. And I’m here to share these tools with you in plentiful supply by giving you the names of the best bars, websites, and hookup apps to practically guarantee you’ll get laid in the near future.

The city of New Orleans has roughly 400,000 residents combing the streets every day and let’s not forget about the thousands of visitors that flock to this magical place regularly. It’s time to get off the couch, put your game face on, and begin hitting up the bars and apps that we tell you about. Your results are about to change in a big way so get ready.

Top-rated Bars and Hookup Apps in New Orleans

Hookup apps in New Orleans are constantly filled with new faces because of events like Jazz Fest, Mardi Gras, and loads of other festivals that bring in plenty of new people. I love the information I’m about to share with you and I think you’ll love it too.

Highly Regarded Neighborhood Bar The Rusty Nail Is a Great Place to Get Laid in Nola

New Orleans is filled with many neighborhoods and they all typically have an exciting neighborhood bar, which is what makes this city so charming. This wide array of bars means there are a lot of choices, which also means that hooking up in some bars will be a lot easier than others. You may not think of The Rusty Nail as a great place to hook up on the surface, but this bar has an unassuming nature that is surprising and one of the biggest reasons why it’s such an excellent hookup spot.

Wine bottles are half-priced during happy hour, the patio is large and spacious, and they always have fun events happening all the time. This bar is located in the warehouse district and always draws large and exciting crowds. It isn’t filled with tourists, yet it isn’t completely under the radar or filled with local street rats ruining the place. It’s a solid mix of locals and tourists that make it a great place to meet beautiful strangers that are ready and willing to have a conversation or more! In my personal opinion, The Rusty Nail is the best bar in all of New Orleans if you’re looking to get laid.

Try Adult Friend Finder for Free and Hook up Easily in New Orleans

Are you finally too old for Tinder? Or maybe you just want to hook up with someone older than a twenty something? Or even worse, you don’t look like a male supermodel or a Hemsworth. It doesn’t really matter because Adult Friend Finder is here to solve those problems. This app is much better then Tinder in many respects. As a matter of fact, for the past three years I consider this my favorite hookup app out of every one of them, and there are a lot to choose from.

For most guys out there, you’ll have the best chance at achieving solid results using Adult Friend Finder. It’s the first app you should ever try out when looking to hook up.There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain because your options are practically limitless. I’ve personally had much better responses from women on Adult Friend Finder and I always feel confident that I’m going to connect whenever I use it. You’ll feel that same level of confidence too.

Out of all the hookup apps, AFF is definitely the most active since it has about 90 million active users at this point. The app is easy to use, straightforward, and very appealing. It’s a place to go and meet somebody to hook up with without any strings attached. When you sign up to join the site, you know exactly what you’re getting and exactly what you’re looking for just like everyone else there. That’s why people from all over the place at all ages are so into this app. If there was only one hookup app to use in New Orleans, Adult Friend Finder is definitely it.

People in their 30s – meaning men and women – think Adult Friend Finder is the best tool to hook up with people easily and they’re right. This is true all over the US and not just in New Orleans, although it’s effective everywhere as well. It’s a phenomenon sweeping the globe for more than a decade and you should definitely try it sooner rather than later.

Free Trial of Adult Friend Finder

Take some time to check out the free trial of AFF. It’s worth it because plenty of guys like you have had excellent success hooking up using this app. It’s a great option for guys no matter where they happen to live, or what they look like, even if they aren’t the best-looking guys in the world.

Get Laid Easily in New Orleans with a Chance Encounter at Erin Rose

In the past, locals loved spending time on Bourbon Street. But that is now part of a bygone era, even though Erin Rose still symbolizes a time when the French Quarter was still the cool place to go. Even though this bar is located next to many tourist traps, the bar is packed with Saints fans whenever there’s a game and service workers from the local community spend time here after their shift unwinding and having a few drinks.

No matter what’s happening in the city, you’ll always find big crowds late into the night at Erin Rose. Industry service workers even get special discounts on beer after midnight, so they love coming here and having a good time. It doesn’t matter if you’re one of them or not, you should visit Erin Rose because the servers are wild, the place is jumping, and it’s an awesome spot to find somebody to take home with you at the end of the night.

Cougar Life Is in Awesome App to Find Women Over 30 Who Are Single

Older women in their late 30s seem to have it all put together and lead exciting lives, but they like young guys nonetheless. Although there is the odd social stigma about younger men hooking up with older women, it makes these gorgeous ladies feel self-conscious about meeting young twenty somethings at the pub. Cougar Life is awesome because they can be themselves without worrying about social pressures because the entire experience is private.

I don’t know why, but sexy older women seem to populate New Orleans in droves and it drives the young guys wild. There is something so sexy about an experienced woman that makes me nuts. That’s why I’m such a big fan of Cougar Life when it comes to hooking up with thirty something women in New Orleans. On a side note, if you use Cougar Life in New Orleans during a festival week, you’ll have no trouble getting laid.

Young men in their 20s find it thrilling to date older women. And older men in their 30s and 40s are happy as hell to hook up with 35-year-old women because they know what you like and know what they want and they’re willing to please. So, no matter what age you happen to be, Cougar Life is an excellent app and it isn’t surprising that it’s one of our all-time favorites that we gladly recommend.

One of My Favorite Bars for Getting Laid in New Orleans Is Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

Although I already told you that you’re much better off avoiding Bourbon Street, you must think I’m crazy for recommending Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. Well, even though it’s located on Bourbon Street, it’s on the opposite end and away from bars that are filled with tourists. Even better, this bar has lots of local women looking to get laid hanging around. And the atmosphere in this place is exciting, cool, and a whole lot of fun.

This bar is going to have large crowds and it has a great reputation so tourists do stop by from time to time. But this is good news, because many NOLA tourists are looking for a quickie while they enjoy their vacation. Locals can act like a guide and teach them about the city and provide other services that’s what they’re looking for! Don’t be skeptical because Lafitte’s is such an awesome place to hook up in New Orleans. Go there for a couple of hours on a Friday night and see for yourself.

New Orleans Best Hookup Sites and Bars

The bar scene in New Orleans is one of the best around the world. You can walk from one pub of the next and drink to your heart’s desire. If you’re looking for a sexy day or night out, hitting up New Orleans hookup bars is the way to go.

Let the Good Times Roll at The Spotted Cat

I had to put one jazz club on my list of the top New Orleans hookup bars. The Spotted Cat is an amazing place to visit on Frenchmen Street and people are always there in plentiful supply. This iconic location is one stop that just about everyone in the city pays a visit to.

It’s a cash only bar, and people love stopping by to listen to great jazz music and have drinks with strangers. It’s affordable, an awesome place to meet people and make new friends, and an excellent addition to add to our list.

Young and Attractive Guys and Gals Have Excellent Success on Tinder

Millennials are known as the Tinder generation for good reason. Just about everyone between ages 18-40 have tried this app at least one time. Most weren’t very satisfied using it though, yet it remains popular for some reason. Do you want to know what that reason is?

Young sexy people have an easy time using Tinder to get laid. Tulane University and University of New Orleans students can tell you how easy it is to use this app to hook up. Particularly, people in the age bracket of 18-28 who look good will have no trouble making a great first impression and attracting a beautiful hookup partner on this app.

Many guys often find the overall Tinder experience to be really disappointing. If you aren’t as attractive as the top 10-15% of other guys, you’ll find it really tough to break through on this app. The women just aren’t going to message you because they’re going to be messaging these other really hot guys. That’s just the way it goes and the less attractive guys have no choice but to live with it.

On the other hand, if you’re a really hot guy the messages are going to come at you in droves. You’ll have way more than you can handle. They say many women are on Tinder for the likes and flattery.

30-year-olds and older aren’t going to enjoy Tinder as much. But you may want to give it a shot anyway if you’re young and sexy and looking to hook up in New Orleans.

Have a Great Time in New Orleans at Bar Tonique

Their happy hour lasts for five hours straight! And they create a new drink special every single day. Obviously, this place is a great hookup bar in New Orleans and the service is friendly, it’s filled with lots of locals, and it’s always jumping all night long.

This cocktail lounge is welcoming, really busy, and one that you’ll never soon forget. As far as hookup bars go in New Orleans, this is definitely one of my favorites. The people in this establishment are there to have a good time and you’ll have a good time too. And before you know it, you’ll be going home with an eager local looking to kick things up a notch just like you.

Boston Cougars

Discover 17 Boston Hotspots Filled with Single Cougars in 2020

Boston Cougars

If you’ve spent any time at all in Boston, you may know that it’s never easy to discover beautiful single cougars on the regular. You may see some attractive cougars walking around the streets as they dip into their yoga class from time to time. But meeting them consistently? It’s not as easy as in New York City!

I wanted to make it easier on guys by putting together a list of the top places around Boston to find attractive cougars. Not only did I share some bars that you’ll like, but there are other places that’ll make it simpler to meet them. This is the perfect list for guys of all ages because we have recommendations for older guys and younger guys too.

The Boston dating scene is always a lot of fun, but it can be difficult to navigate at times so guidance is necessary to find the perfect cougar in Boston that you might be able to take home tonight.

The Best Places to Pick up Boston Cougars

You are about to discover a fantastic list of some of our top recommendations and favorite places to meet cougars. I’ve personally met many attractive mature women in these places all around Boston. The information provided below along with the tips that I share can make it much easier to turn around your dating life. You’ll never discover a solution that’s better when it comes to helping you locate attractive cougars in this great city.

An Excellent Bar to Start with Is Howl At The Moon in Boston

If you’ve tried to chase after Boston cougars for any length of time, you know about their love and affection for dueling piano bars. Something about the scene including the fun atmosphere, the nostalgia, and the competitive nature acts like a magnet to very sexy cougars.

So, try not to hesitate because you should begin your search at Howl At The Moon. They have a reasonable cover charge, pretty good drinks, and you won’t spend a fortune while there.

You’ll run into lots of bachelorette parties and birthday parties while you spend time at The Howl. You shouldn’t feel surprised at all walking in to find out that more women are in the house then men. All different types of women like to frequent this bar, but cougars in Boston seem to love this place a great deal.

Use Milf Play in Boston

Trust me here, this may not have the user database like AdultFriend Finder, but it’s members of cougars are horny and ready to go.  I use this app everywhere.  For more information click here.

Use Adult Friend Finder to Meet a Cougar in Boston Because It’s so Quick and Easy to Have a Fast Fling

Are you looking for a sexy and mature woman to spend the night with? Adult Friend Finder will make it easier than ever to hook up quickly. So many people automatically think of Tinder, but that’s becoming more of a dating site so your odds aren’t really great to meet a ready and willing hookup. Even worse, not many Boston cougars use Tinder because most of the women on there are under 30.

When guys are younger or older looking for a cougar in Boston, I gladly and excitedly recommend Adult Friend Finder, which you can try for free if you feel so inclined. I’ve noticed so many guys having excellent success using this app. And the women aren’t half bad looking to boot. With success like this and attractive women on top of it all, it’s hard to ignore AFF.

In a nutshell… Using Adult Friend Finder makes a lot of sense because many single cougars are ready and willing to bring you back to their place.

Another great thing about this app is its well-established since it first hit the scene in 2006. They have more than 50 million active members and many of them are older and looking to have a good time. Tinder, on the other hand, is more of a dating app instead of a hookup app these days.

Forget about taking someone on three dates before you can get into bed with them. Use AFF and skip all the nonsense! I really mean it because if you’re looking for a short-term romantic connection and physical relationship, this really is your best option so I highly recommend checking them out.

Adult Friend Finder Is Free to Try!

Are you trying to have fun in the sack now instead of a long-term relationship? Then you absolutely need to sign up for the free trial at AFF. I’ve been on this site for many years and I’ve tested hundreds of others and Adult Friend Finder is the best one to meet cougars consistently based on my research.

Discover a Haven of Cougars at Bar 10

Bar 10 in Westin is one of the best places to meet upper crust cougars at a bar in Boston. The sophisticated ladies can be found at the hotel bar along with a plethora of other mixed guests looking to relax, have fun, and cut loose for the night. If you’re on a business trip looking to connect with a cougar for a quick one-night stand, this is definitely a good place to find one. And if you’re especially looking for a really classy single cougar in Boston, then you’ll positively dig this place.

A few other good things are the food is tasty, the drinks are strong, and you’ll particularly enjoy their appetizers. And it’s easy to talk to someone and get to know them because it’s a calmer and more peaceful atmosphere. Plus, if your connection with a cougar goes well you can take her upstairs because the hotel is just a few feet away!

Meet Boston Cougars Looking for a Relationship on Cougar Life

For any guys looking to meet Boston cougars fast, and if you’re actually more interested in dating them as opposed to a one-night stand, you’ll definitely like to check out the app Cougar Life, which also has a free trial going on right now. Mature women hardly have the time to flirt with young men in clubs and bars all night long. So, the best way to meet available men is to find them online because of how quick and convenient it is.

If you haven’t spent any time on Cougar Life, you’re missing out on a boat load of amazing possibilities.

Many apps and dating sites exist in this world, but unfortunately hardly any of them ever deliver on their promises. But Cougar Life is something different. Cougar Life lives up to the expectations and has many Boston singles waiting to connect with you.

Boston cougars use Cougar Life like crazy!

This is a very popular app to say the least and all 7 million other women on this website are cougars. Non-cougars have no reason to sign up so they don’t.

Avoid scrolling through hundreds or thousands of profiles looking to meet a gorgeous, beautiful and single cougar on other less effective sites, because they are right there, ready, and waiting for you on Cougar Life. You’ll save tons of frustration and time this way.

And best of all, these cougars are ready and willing to meet up with you and they want to connect with the right man.

On other apps, many women use them but they’re basically there because they’re seeking attention. They aren’t trying to find a guy and they don’t want to connect or hook up. They’re looking for men to fawn all over their pictures and boost their egos.

Cougar Life helps you avoid all of that because these women are serious about meeting up with men and making real-world love connections. You can go on the site or app and find a woman looking for a man like you, and not one that’s trying to lead you on.

The women quickly respond to messages, and before long you’ll have tons of dates lined upwith beautiful cougars in the Boston area.

Short-Term and Long-Term Relationships Is the Name of the Game with Boston Cougars

Guess what? On Cougar Life, there are a wide array of women looking for real relationships if that’s what you’re into. On the other hand, there are plenty of other amazing cougars that just want something for the short-term. So, you get the best of both worlds on this app, which makes it perfect for guys who are looking for all sorts of different things from the experience.

You should definitely give their free trial a chance if you’ve never tested out Cougar Life before. Remember, it’s completely free during the trial period so you can’t lose. But you never know how big you’re going to win if you manage to find a cougar that matches your wants, needs, and desires.

Meet Mature Women and Drink Upscale Martinis at City Bar

Are you trying to find a classy woman with style and sophistication in Boston? City Bar is one of the best cougar bars in the entire city. This cocktail bar has two locations so you actually have options. There’s one located on the waterfront and the other is located in the historic Back Bay.

This bar is known to attract many women who intend to enjoy a nightcap, quickly get a drink after work, or want to sit down and unwind after a long week. It’s a great spot for socializing in comfort and style and the perfect ambience makes it the ideal place to pick up a sophisticated and classy lady.

City Bar has so many great drinks to choose from including wine, beer, cognac, single malt, and other tasty cocktails! Dress up in your finest outfit and head over to City Bar immediately to meet the cougar of your dreams!

Meet Stunning Cougars Looking for Relationships in Boston on eHarmony

Are you having a tough time finding cougars in the Boston area currently or in the past? Many guys face this struggle just like you.

Believe it or not, we’ve seen lots of older and sophisticated women avoiding the clubs and bars these days and not just because of the lockdowns. Going online is a great place to meet men and women, and many cougars enjoy these dating sites when looking for younger guys. So, you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity and spend more time online to maximize your chances at meeting a sexy cougar.

Upon thinking about it, this is actually quite sensible. Meeting women online 24/7 in a few minutes solves your problem entirely. You don’t have to go out to bars and clubs and hope you run into the right woman at the end of the night because eHarmony solves this issue for you, so you should give it a try right away.

You may not know this, but many single women 35 years or older spend a lot of time on the eHarmony platform. It’s a trustworthy platform that has been around for many years, so mature women see it as quite appealing. Plus, the site has more than 30 million active members who use it every day and often, so your options of meeting someone improve.

Even better, because of the way they set up their sign-up process, you’re only going to meet women who want to date men. You’ll never run into attention seekers and time wasters looking for hosted egos. You’ll save time and frustration here like you wouldn’t using other apps.

You can confidently message women who want to meet up with a guy just like you, and this definitely feels fantastic!

eHarmony is an awesome option to meet Boston cougars looking for single guys just like you. I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time reviewing and going through dozens of different dating apps and I can say with full confidence that this app is one you should give a try. Just test it out for a few minutes and see how you like it. It’s a lot easier than spending hours in a bar hoping to connect with someone.

Other Phenomenal Bars Filled with Boston Cougars

There are so many great bars in Boston filled with mature women looking to have a great time. You might be looking for a casual fling or your next girlfriend. No matter what is on the agenda, any of the following spots can help you achieve your goal.

Boston’s French Inspired Bar for Cougars – Bar Boulud

Do you enjoy French cuisine and other French culinary delights? You get to eat tasty food while looking for amazing cougars in Boston at Bar Boulud. It’s right there on Boylston Street in Back Bay, and it has plenty of tasty seasonal dishes that bring the cougars by in droves.

There’s also lots of fantastic wine, great conversations, and an astonishing wine cellar. The decor is quaint and moody, which presents an exciting atmosphere.

Inside the bar, it has vaulted wood ceilings, French wine crates make up the walls, and it’s an intimate and comfortable experience for everyone, including your brand-new mature lady friend. Try it when you want a unique and tasty dining experience with a much older and more sophisticated woman.

Boston Cougars Love Frequenting Rumba

This bar is easy to find in the Intercontinental Hotel. It’s a rum themed cocktail bar that many cougars tend to frequent.

The ladies seem to love the tasty distilled rum, the Caribbean and Latin music, and the delectable appetizers. Do you want to experience a romantic encounter with a mature older woman? The private champagne lounge in Rumba is where you’ll undoubtedly find her.

It has an atmosphere similar to Moulin Rouge, with two bars, glass fireplaces, and vibrant and eye-popping colors. You’ll love the ambience, atmosphere, and delectable women of a mature age.

Historic Boston Cougar Bar Abe and Louie’s

This great bar is located in the heart of Boston and its famous for the number of attractive cougars that grace its hallowed halls. Founded in 1965, this classy cougar hotspot has the perfect ambience and lively atmosphere to make it fun and exciting to hang out in.

Enjoy the delicious steak, a healthy portion of fresh seafood, and have lots of wine and other cocktails to wash it all down. Have a few more drinks after dinner and stay late into the night when the cougar crowd gets loud and rowdy.

The Boston Night Life Reigns Supreme at Phoenix Landing

Do you enjoy listening to lively 80s, 90s, and 2000s hits with plenty of mature cougars? Then you’re going to love Phoenix Landing and everything about it. Stop by on a Friday or Saturday night and you’ll constantly bump into stunning older women that are jaw-droppingly attractive.

People love this bar because it has great service, a loud and vibrant crowd, and the atmosphere is relaxed and laid-back. It’s sometimes hard to get in and the lines are long, so keep that in mind.

Discover Boston Cougars and Great Coffee in The Living Room

The Living Room is an excellent place to pick up cougars in Boston. They like to stop by and have a drink after a long day and have a cup of coffee, or have a few drinks, and kick back and unwind.

Many of the cougars you’ll come across will be with a group of her friends, so there will be plenty of great conversations to go around. These sophisticated ladies love it when younger guys approach, so do not hesitate to show your interest.

Spend Time in a Fan Favorite Cougar Bar Called The Lenox Hotel

This hotel bar is a phenomenal spot because it’s actually two bars in one and plenty of cougars like to hang out here. Like many of the places mentioned today, you really have to dress up and play the part because the women in these hotel bars are really chic and elegant and they are avid professionals looking for young men or older men who take care of themselves.

Dress up in business casual attire and remember to look sharp. If you’re in your 20s looking for an older woman you’ll have an easy time connecting with the perfect plaything to bring home for the evening.

Take a Shot at The Capital Grille

This fine dining establishment is the perfect place to meet Boston cougars that are filled with class and sophistication. It’s located in the Hynes Convention Center in Back Bay and has great tasting food, fine wine, and mature women love hanging out here because it’s really popular.

new york skyline

New York City Hookups

There’s something about big cities that attract a lot of tourists that just make it a bit easier to have a casual hook up.  We recently published our guide on the popular tourist stop and how to hook up in Vegas, but today we aim our sites on a much, much bigger fishing pond:  New York City!

There may not be a single place in the entire world with the diversity and abundance of people you’ll find in the five boroughs of New York City.  Between the food scene and the bar atmosphere, you are always steps away from an amazing night and potential New York City Hookups.  With over eight million people, you have to like your odds!

Any hook up app will yield far more results in NYC than in any other market.  The best part is there is usually an abundance in a close proximity as well.  While you’ll find more hook up bars in NYC than in other markets, even without a road map you could fare very well just stumbling around, but if you don’t have time for that, then sign up for a hook up app and just start swiping and messaging as it’s purely a numbers game.

Recommended Hook Up Apps & Bars in New York City

As advocates of playing the numbers game, we’re always looking to go the app route to make initial contact with potential sexual partners.  However, if you are the type of person that likes to run your game in person, there are plenty of places for you to do that in the city that never sleeps.  Continue on to find out which hookup bars we recommend in New York City and also see which apps we’ve had the most success with.

G Bar in the Bronx

Check out G Bar, a spot that features brick walls and candlelit tables that provide an unforgettable tone that will help you close any date or find one there.  This is connected to Giovanni’s Italian restaurant and they have live music and DJ’s.  As a kicker, they have a three hour happy hour!

G Bar

Image Credit:

#1 NYC Hook Up App is is the app of choice in New York City.  This has always been the best hook up app we’ve recommended nationwide, but when you use it in New York City, you’ll see that the massive pool of people using the app has a big chunk of them living in and visiting NYC.  You are always a message away from an insane amount of local talent ready for sexual pleasures.

There are many other options you can use that will hook you up with people in different groups, such as older, wealthier, arrangement seekers, etc, but every man and woman that is looking for a good old fashioned hook up will find that when in New York City, simply offers a huge range of options.  Sign up here, start sending messages either before or during your trip, don’t be afraid to meet up at one of these spots to grab a pre hook up drink, and come back to thank us later.

Read our full review if you have further questions about the app and how it works.  

The Top of the Standard – Manhattan Meatpacking District

Another great bar is the Top of the Standard. This has a penthouse feel because frankly, you are in the penthouse of the Standard High Line Hotel, one of the most sought after stays in the city.  You’ll find people from all over staying here to work hard, and play harder.  In fact, while the lobby bar isn’t too shabby either, the Top of the Standard is THE place for Manhattan views, craft cocktails, and exciting times. Go for a drink, and you may just get lucky with someone staying right there in the hotel, which is known as a place where promiscuous people like to see and be seen.

top of the standard

Image Source:

#2 Hook Up App in New York is Adult Friend Finder

If is the Michael Jordan of hook up apps, Adult Friend Finder is definitely the Kobe Bryant.  You’ll find an amazing experience with people looking for sex, and nothing but sex, on Adult Friend Finder.  They boast over 90 million regular users and you’ll find this site to be very popular in any city in the USA, and even internationally.

Arthur’s Tavern New York City

This live music spot is always hopping with a lively crowd, a full bar, and lots of noise!  They say it’s the best of jazz and blues, but last time we were there they played a full set of Prince as he had just passed away, and it was spectacular.  The small bar is some of the best bar real estate you’ll find in the USA, so come early, and stay late, or you’ll be standing most of the time and having a hard time trying to relax.  Kay, the bartender, is an absolute trip who will blow you away with humor and serve you the best drinks you’ll ever have.  Oh, and did we say there are many singles here?  There’s a reason it’s been hopping for over 70 years in Greenwich village!

arthurs tavern

These are your best bets for getting laid in New York City.  If you don’t know how to get laid in New York City after reading this, you should probably just not try to get laid.

las vegas sign

Where is the Best Place to Find Hook Ups in Las Vegas?

If you plan to travel to Las Vegas, you might be looking for a single woman for a hookup. Unless you live in the city, it’s easy to miss the best and often hidden places to meet women. It makes no difference if you are traveling to Sin City for pleasure or business, you can still meet the woman you marry or experience a hot one nightstand. Las Vegas is the biggest city in Nevada and located in the center of the desert.

The lights of the city will reach out to you whether you are approaching by car or plane. At night the city glows with lights beaming and flashing in the darkness. You will discover the exceptional dining, luxurious casinos and themed hotels of the Las Vegas Strip.

The Population of Las Vegas

There are more than 600,000 people living in las Vegas. This means you can choose from a diverse group of women. Although a lot of mixed Asians live on the West Coast, you will find the majority in Las Vegas. The gambling culture of the city drew in many Chinese women to add to the unique flavor of the area. The Asian women you will meet are beautiful with an exotic appearance. There is nothing quite like hooking up with an Asian. Take the following tips into consideration.

  • Most of the women are American, so don’t worry about a language barrier.
  • Most of the tourists are single with many coming for a bachelorette party. Enjoy the potential these women bring.
  • A lot of the women you see on the strip are tourists. Most of them want to party and enjoy a good hook up.
  • If you have money, flaunt it to attract the woman of your dreams.

The Gold Diggers

Las Vegas is Full of gorgeous gold diggers attracted to wealth. Some of them only want your money. Look for the ones also interested in a hot one nightstand. If you have some extra cash you don’t mind spending, you will find quite a few hot young women looking for a sugar daddy. Make sure you open an account before you arrive if you are interested in finding a sugar baby. No money equals no sugar baby.

The Beauty of Apps

Take the time to research the Las Vegas hook up apps and sign up for the one you like the most. You will unlock the door to find women looking for a good time including the sexiest strippers in the city. You will save time picking up women and benefit from discretion as well. Yes, you will have to spend money on the app but you will save money on drinks, fancy meals and disappointments. Many of the women of Las Vegas know how to party and don’t want to waste time. Do yourself a favor and take a look at the apps out there, especially in the adult themed world.  (This site is designed to discuss just that, adult hook up apps!  The most most people have had the best success with is the app.)

The Local Hotties

It’s hard to figure out Las Vegas beauties. During the summer, a lot of them work at the hotels and can be found by the pools. Some locals avoid the strip and prefer the local casinos including Henderson’s Green Valley Ranch and Summerlin’s Red Rock Casino. If the women like to gamble, try looking at Dotty’s or PT’s Ranch because these places were created for locals. The local women are sweet, beautiful, like to talk and know how to get money from tourists.

Las Vegas thrives on money from tourists. The women will go to extremes to please you to make certain you come back with more money. This means hooking up with a woman working at a bar, strip club, restaurant or Las Vegas show is easy when you leave a big tip. Find out where they are when off work, then casually set up a convenient meeting. The locals want to make friends because most gamblers come to Las Vegas at least a few times every year,

All you have to do to grab their interest is to show them a great time. Many women are not interested in any kind of permanent attachment but want a man on the side offering a great time when they come to the city. You might meet some of her friends for a trip you will never forget. Treat her like a VIP and she will keep coming back for more.

Picking Up Women in Las Vegas

Women come to Las Vegas to party all year. There are plenty of sporting events during the winter for placing bets including NBA basketball, NCAA and NHL hockey. Collegiate and NFL football are available until February. Millions of tourists flock to the city every year for conventions. Every January, corporate women attend the CES. These women want to party. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for a hookup. If you are looking during the day, your best bet is a summer pool party. Nights in Las Vegas are ideal for finding a hottie.

las vegas motels

If you are far from your hotel in Vegas, there are plenty of motels designed for hook ups.

Best Places to Meet Women on the Las Vegas Strip

If you are like most of the tourists, you will stay on the strip. The weather is usually good for having a few drinks around the pool. Look for the women wearing skimpy bathing suits taking shots around the pool. They are looking for a hookup. Turn on the charm and offer to buy one of them a drink. Their guard is not up during the day so there is no pressure. The best places to meet women on the Las Vegas Strip are poop parties.

las vegas strip

If you see a woman you like in a casino, invite her to a pool party and make sure she has a good time. This is the perfect set up for the night. You can meet women playing a slot machine or in line for a buffet. Give them attention throughout the day for a great time at night. Las Vegas women love attention. Try starting a conversation when the woman doesn’t expect it.

The Cougars of Las Vegas

The Chandelier is in the Cosmopolitan Hotel and offers a great drink selection. This multi-level bar is full of cougars interested in the attention of a younger man. If you are looking for a cougar, this is the place to be. Older ladies adore the relaxing and chic atmosphere. They know the staff and are supplied with their favorite drinks such as the extremely popular and delicious Verbena cocktail. Be prepared for high-end prices with the cost for a cocktail between $17 and $20.

The Chandelier is open 24/7 so you can go anytime you like. Take a look at what is available on the different levels, then find a seat in one of the seating or bar areas. Choose your seat according to where the most desirable cougars are located then start hunting. This is not the only place to find cougars. Las Vegas is filled with clubs and bars attracting all different types of women including cougars. You can also find them online and set up a hookup.

Cougars have certain unique qualities often making them stand out from other women. These women have the motivation to hit the town looking for a man. If you want a short-term fling, cougars fit the bill perfectly. Another excellent option is the XS NightClub. The moment you walk into the bar you will see beautiful and sexy older women drinking. This is literally a haven for cougars. The bar is trendy with a great indoor pool. This is your chance to see the women dripping wet.

One of the best places to meet women on the Las Vegas strip is the XS Nightclub. The venue is gorgeous, crazy and wild. If you can dance, you can fill your arms with women. The centralized dance floor makes walking around easy so you can meet more cougars enjoying the party. This is one of the best clubs the city has to offer. Be prepared to pay $20 to get in. Since women on the guestlist can enter for free, you are assured of a good variety.

Hot Women and Las Vegas Nights

A lot of men travel to Las Vegas with big dreams. They want to win a fortune at the blackjack tables, win every sports bet and find the hottest women in the city at only the classiest nightclubs. There is no guarantee you will win because the odds favor the house. The good news is you can find the women of your dreams just by being in the right area and staying on the strip.

Your best option is staying at a hotel between the Mandalay Bay and the Encore. If you have the money, the Cosmopolitan is a good choice. If not, the Casino Royale is a lot cheaper. Some of the women aren’t concerned with a higher-end hotel. Many of the black women are more laid back, gorgeous and have no concerns about your room provided it is on the Las Vegas strip. For a sure hookup, stay at the Aria, Venetian, Cosmopolitan, Wynn or Bellagio if you have the money.

These hotels are centrally located, offer great places to pick up women and party, but are also very expensive. Avoid staying at the Mandalay Bay, downtown and Circus Circus. If you are looking for a hookup, your hotel is the key. You have a good shot on the weekends since women fly in from across the country. Hot girls from southern California drive to Las Vegas in the thousands during the weekend. You can always find a party or a great club for the weekend.

Remember the city is going to be extremely crowded for specific holidays. New Year is no longer a good time to visit. The city gets an enormous number of tourists during Labor Day, Memorial Day and the 4th of July. The best part is the number of tourists is not large enough where you have to avoid them. The ratio of men to women is off during big sporting weekends such as March Madness and the Super Bowl. This is not the best time to look for a hookup.

Best Singles Bars Las Vegas

The Best Singles Bars Las Vegas are fantastic for hookups. Some of the very best located right on the strip are described below.

The Wynn or B Bar:

The sexiest ladies in Las Vegas can be found in this bar. You can go there at any time to find a sexy lady. Find someone amazing after lunch or arrange a hookup once the city comes to life after dark. Either way, this is the place you want to be.

The Pepper Mill:

Wait until at least 2:00 a.m. before you visit the Pepper Mill. This is when anyone drinking too much starts to get their second wind and the strippers are looking for some fun after their shift. The cocktails are great, the food is sensational and the fireplace creates just the right environment for meeting one of the gorgeous ladies of Las Vegas.


You will find Rhumbar in the Mirage. This is an ideal place to relax when you need a break from the action. On occasion, you can still meet the woman you are looking for.

Chandelier Bar:

If you are near the Cosmopolitan, want a cocktail and a beautiful woman and are willing to pay the price, don’t miss out on the Chandelier.

Sizzling Las Vegas Nightclubs

If you enjoy partying late at night, you have a lot of night clubs to choose from. You will be spending money so be prepared. The popularity of the individual clubs is always changing, but many of them have proven to be popular as time passes. Every single hotel on the Las Vegas Strip provides a night club or after-hours spot for tourists. You have a good chance of getting a VIP pass is you go the nightclub for your hotel. If you are a gambler, you are provided with a casino host to increase your chances.

If you plan to gamble at least a couple thousand every day, get a casino card, a host and track your losses and wins daily. Whether you win or lose, you will get free comps for night clubs, shows, drinks and dinners. This increases your leverage for finding a good hook up. If you decide to leave the strip, check out downtown. This area became trendy quite a few years ago. If you don’t want to dress up just to party, the atmosphere on Fremont Street is ideal. If you want to meet women, go to the Long Bar.

Valet Waiting Areas

Valet waiting areas at the Bellagio, Aria and Wynn Casinos are hot on both Friday and Saturday nights. Park your vehicle in the garage then take a walk to the valet waiting area. This is where you will find all the women leaving work at the clubs such as go-go dancers and bartenders. If they have their own cars, you can be fairly certain they live in the city. What you need to do is pretend you are waiting for a valet to bring your car. Come up with a few good opening lines to score a hookup.

Borders Books

The Borders Books located in Town Square has a lot of beautiful Las Vegas women. You can also try the Blue Martini or Cadillac Ranch but Borders is usually even better because there is not as much competition. Most men would not think of going to a bookstore to arrange a hookup. Most women would rather tell their family or best friend they met you at a bookstore as opposed to a bar. You also eliminate the need to come up with something to talk about. All you have to do is ask the woman her favorite book or what she is currently reading.

The Food Court at the Fashion Show Mall

Every lady working at the mall visits the food court when it is time for their lunch. Figuring out which ones work in department stores is easy. They are dressed in black and carrying car keys, backpacks and books. Walk up to one of them and ask if you can join them. Tell them you need a woman’s perspective for something important.

What You Need to Know About Las Vegas

  • On July 1st of 2017 recreational marijuana became legal in Las Vegas. If this is of interest, you can start partying now.
  • There are a lot of bars offering service 24 hours every day. If you are willing to hit the sack early, you will find a lot of horny and hot women stumbling into the bars at about 5:00 a.m. If you really want to find a hookup, go to bed early and hit those bars.
  • A lot of women travel to Las Vegas because they want to have sex. Getting laid in the city is much easier than you probably think.

The Bottom Line

Las Vegas is a glamorous and exciting city. Although the main reason people visit is gambling, that doesn’t mean they are not looking for a lot of action on the side. So pack your bags, hop on a plane and get ready to have some fun.