How to Hook Up With a Deaf Person

Any relationship won’t work without communication, and that’s a well known fact.  Imagine if you started dating someone who communicated in a different manner than you.  Dating someone who is deaf, or even trying to hook up with deaf people happens all the time, so don’t let it scare you.  If you do have a … Read more

Tips on Hooking Up With a Friend

Hook Up With a Friend

If you’re interested in learning some proven techniques that will teach you how to hook up with a friend, we’ve got you! Ultimately, there’s nothing like starting a relationship with one of your close friends. For starters, there’s no awkward “getting to know each other” phase in the beginning. What’s more, since you already know … Read more

Tips On How to Be a Pickup Artist

pick up artists

Most men believe that, if they have no luck in the dating sphere, there is not much they can do about it. After all, they think that being good at picking up women is something you are naturally good at, rather than an acquired skill. However, there are a myriad of techniques and tricks that … Read more

How To Get Laid: Tips To Improve Your Game

how to get laid today

In the past twenty years or so, the hookup culture has slowly overshadowed traditional dating. Moreover, dating apps have brought us plenty of choices and potential casual sex that is only a swipe away. But now we have a new problem — how to get women to like you and choose YOU over other options? … Read more

7 Texts to Grab Her Attention Again

Grab Her Attention Again

It’s never a great sign when a girl stops responding to your texts and grows cold. But it isn’t the end of the world yet. You never know what’s happening in her life. And in modern dating, knowing what to send as a text when she stops responding is an important part of the process … Read more

How to Know if Female Coworker Likes You

female coworker

Our work is a big part of our lives, and because of that, we spend a lot of time surrounded by our coworkers. So it’s normal if, at some point, you develop romantic feelings for someone at your workplace. Single life is great, but unconsciously we all search for that special someone to share our … Read more

What is Arrangement Dating?

arrangement dating

You may hear the term “sugar daddy” being thrown around a lot more often these days.  With a special thanks to the Internet and Social Media, the world of arrangement dating is growing like mad.  Today we’ll talk about what an arrangement is, as well as cite some examples where people are open about their … Read more