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P411 Review Plus a Few Alternative Sites

Recently, I’ve been on a rampage about the takedown because now I have to search for other escort sites and review those. I came across P411 (Preferred411). What is it? I’ll explain here shortly!

This site is actually a little different from the others because things are more private. However, that doesn’t make it better than the rest. I took the time needed to visit the site to give you a better idea of what it has to offer and the services available.

The question on your mind is whether or not it’s legit. It’s my job to tell you everything you need to know in a short time frame. You must understand that this is a place where you can get a date or escort. From there, you discuss pricing, and the person can charge whatever they want.

If you just want a friend, I don’t think this website is for you, but I really don’t believe it’s beneficial for anyone other than the escorts. Don’t worry; I’m here to talk about why you should avoid it and that it’s not worth the risks.

Review on P411 Reveals All – Don’t Use This Escort Website

Here’s what you initially find when you go to the website. It looks like a site that offers spa services, but it’s completely outdated! I feel that the owners wanted it displayed like that on purpose. That way, it doesn’t get labeled as an escort directory. With that, it doesn’t allow the escorts or users to get the information without registering as a companion or client.

I looked closely at the information and details on the website, and most of it did not make me happy. Here’s what I now know:

The terms and conditions iron everything out about the site, and it comes out and tells you why you should avoid it and the services it offers. I must start by explaining the restrictions for the girls, how you access content, and how you read reviews on each escort:

How to Join the P411 Community

If you are the escort and want to join the site, you must purchase a membership. P411 comes right out and says that it can revoke memberships and does, denies applicants, and cancels memberships whenever it wants. You don’t get a refund of the application fee.

For the men looking to meet working girls, the site says it doesn’t accept new members at this time but it might in the near future. How is that convenient for anyone?

If you are allowed to become a member, you must submit images and other verification forms to determine that you’re who you claim to be.

Though it’s safer for the escort, being verified doesn’t really matter much for the johns. They could get into huge trouble if the site gets raided.

Let’s not forget here that the website can deny or revoke the account at any time, and it’s not free to join. You might be able to afford an account and provide the necessary photos, but that’s not the point. Members shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get to the content. There’s no convenience here at all.

If you’ve decided to use an escort service, there are better options. In fact, I mention them later!


When you purchase a membership on P411, you are subjected to tons of advertisements to market others. Each post is from a third party, and P411 can’t guarantee the ads that are placed. They could be linking to malware, and if you click on it, your system (phone or computer) is infected.

About half the content is ads, so you pay for what you can’t enjoy. Who wants to read a ton of ads when they are there to find women to bang? Though the content is related to sex, that’s not what makes a good escort service.

There are many big problems here, but one is that the site doesn’t claim it’s liable for anything that’s posted, and the information could be inaccurate! I find this to be a red flag and don’t suggest you enter information on the site for that reason.

Local Law Enforcement

This website also misleads you to think that it doesn’t disclose any data without your approval. However, it’s an open book if the cops approach the owners and request that info. If you happen to use the site, the owners share whatever information they can, and the police can absolutely act against you, stating that you did something wrong. If you buy a membership, your info isn’t safe and could be shared with other people. There’s no way to protect your data, so you need to remember to stay away from this site.

p 411 bust

After seeing this, I have no desire to use this website.

Site Not Liable for Issues

As a member, you must agree that P411 isn’t liable for what you do there. The provider pretty much says that if you get a disease or get robbed, it doesn’t take the blame. That does sound like something you want to pay for, right? Wrong!

The site states that it doesn’t condone illegal activities, but hiring a person to have sex for money is not legal! An hour of fun for a sexual activity isn’t worth the risk.

Plus, you don’t get any support from the site. If content doesn’t load or seems shady, you can’t report it. While there’s an email address, you submit a form and never hear back.

Ripoff Report Says All

I dove into some reviews from Ripoff Reports. One reviewer mentioned that they had a bad experience. Plus, most of the website reviews were from years ago, and that’s just not fine for anyone.

Alternative Escort Sites

You’ve got the desire to hook up with hotties and fuck them, but there are many other user options available.

Some websites offer great service and don’t force you to send your info to everyone who asks. If you want convenience and something safe, I recommend using Fling, Instabang, or Uberhorny instead!

Also, I have a list of sites in the escort space that I’d avoid.  I’ve published reviews on all of them, so check out my HarlotHub review, as well as my Private Delights review.  Seriously, watch yourselves when you join up at those sites, as I said earlier, the hook up websites are much better for your safety.


The bottom line is that you shouldn’t use Preferred411. Yes, it’s better than Eros, but you’re also in its system and could get in trouble with the law.

My job is to write reviews to help you learn why I was concerned and why you should be, too. I provided recommendations of other sites that might be free to join or try out. There are better paid website options, and I don’t think you should sign up with this one.

Whether you want to see videos or find people for sex, you start with this review and work your way to finding legitimate and real sites!


HarlotHub Review – Does This Escort Hub Lead to Trouble?

I really get tired of exposing all these other escort sites because they’re so shady. More sites come out each day, and you see insane promises. In fact, the vast majority of these sites say they have escorts based in almost every smaller city within the Western market. They say that people can get happy endings, they have various preferences, and many users are active when that’s just not true!

harlot hubMy issue here is that everyone ignores the negative reviews posted, and that annoys me. Feel free to stop reading this HarlotHub review if you want. However, I recommend that you stay with it. If you prefer to get escorts for casual encounters, it’s crucial to learn about the dump of today. Harlot Hub claims to be ideal for those who want body rubs and all the rest. However, the website isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

If you’ve been searching for escorting websites, forums, or hubs, you’re doing things wrong! I’m not telling you what to do, but I do have to share my opinions about this site and tell you what it doesn’t offer.

While many users enjoy having more categories, it’s best not to visit this one. There are many legit dating websites available that let you join for free and hook up with girls for free. Give them your phone number or set something up to meet in person, but don’t use escorts who make you pay for their services!

My Harlot Hub Review

The disclaimer here is that all escort-related sites are shady and dicey. You can’t know if you’re seeking real or fake girls. Sometimes, you get more than you wanted when the police show up and claim that you’re sex trafficking. This is no joke!

When I see sites like Harlot Hub, I want to learn what I can about them. That means signing up to see the escort profiles. That way, I can check on the pop-ups and information provided in the adult classifieds. That includes contact information, hair color, and location.

What I found out about this one is like the other Backpage wannabes. Let’s learn more!

Not the Alternative to BackPage!

When you go to this site, it has specific promises and claims. Overall, it says that it is a Backpage alternative and starts where it left off.

If you don’t know what Backpage was, it was similar to Craigslist. You visited it and searched for sex workers, adult massage parlors, or read escort profiles.

In 2018, though, it was closed by the federal government. Plus, it took the adult dating classifieds from other sites because of its new sex trafficking legislation.

I realize that adult jobs are found in the United States, Canada, and throughout the world, but government agencies are cracking down on escorts and those who use the services.

You see a bland site design, which throws off the cops, but that doesn’t last forever. Whatever information you provide, including phone numbers, is given to the police at some point.

Sex Workers at HarlotHub Equals Illegal

This site is there to be an escort directory and promises not to have annoying banners or ads. It claims that it connects sex workers with men who appreciate them.

However, it’s illegal to pay for sex in the US. I really feel people should know this now, but escort websites are actually ILLEGAL!

stop human trafficking

Image source:

If you think this site and others aren’t on the radar for the government, you are crazy. The names and other contact information people put out there are connected to this site. Even if you just sign up to browse and don’t use female escorts, you’re at risk for being part of the sting operation when the escorts are arrested. In my opinion, that’s not worth it!

Many Risks from This Escort Site

You need to know the risks associated with prostitutes, such as getting caught or having a social disease. I just want you to know that replying to escort ads from HarlotHub could be dangerous.

First, there’s no internet presence here. If you type the name into your favorite search bar, you come up with little. Regardless of the escort site you use, someone somewhere has written something about it, but that’s not true of HarlotHub. Has anyone ever read an escort ad from this company?

I went deeper and found information from It rated the site at 76 percent. How can that be? Personally, I feel the owner of the site wrote reviews on the escorts or paid a freelance writer to do it!

No Massages

The only positive about the escort site is that it is free to use. There aren’t many ads on it, either. However, you’re likely to get frustrated fast.

You can’t find massages, body rubs or a date. Most categories come up a blank, and there aren’t many escort ads available!

The only categories that had girls post ads were for sugar babies and escorts. There are plenty of locations listed for the escorts, such as New York City, Latin America, Dallas, Texas, and Las Vegas. Other mid-sized cities are sprinkled in for good measure. However, you can’t be sure if they include fake profiles.

Overall, Harlot Hub puts in its terms of use section that people shouldn’t charge or pay for sexual favors, but that’s really what the site is all about!

Terms to Tell All

When you check out any dating site or escort site, you must always read the terms and conditions or terms of service. If you’re happy with the information in there, then you may create a profile and start looking for whatever you want.

However, it doesn’t matter what site you use. The terms of service are crucial. HarlotHub is transparent, but you don’t get the info if you don’t read them. Clearly, it states that what you do on the website isn’t private. If you’re there to hire escorts, you could get in trouble with the local authorities.

Remember when I said earlier that escorts are illegal to hire? These people are pretty much prostitutes or ladies of the night. If you use the website, you agree that it controls what you do and what information it gives to people. With that, the site caters to both prostitutes and johns. You’re playing with your freedom, and there’s no reason to do so!

Crypto Payments Only – Shady

You probably know that escort sites want you to pay money to access the information. There might be tons of girls on each page, with various types and fetishes. However, you don’t see contact information without subscribing.

That’s normal to an extent (though there are free sites out there.) However, this one is not a free classified site. Instead, you have to pay before you see a few features that it offers (and that’s not a lot). However, my problem with the escort site is that you can only pay with cryptocurrency.

I don’t personally use Bitcoin, though I’m interested in it. Still, I’m not buying some to connect with someone or chat with them. There are so many other sites out there where I can find chicks to fuck.

While I get that there’s a certain amount of privacy from crypto payments, it seems shady to only allow that option. Some people aren’t tech-savvy, and others just don’t know about cryptocurrency enough to use it.

Masks Commercial Sex through Escort Sites

Dating sites like Harlot Hub tend to have many scams going at once. You might see fake pictures, webcam rooms, or the site might steal your information.  I pointed this out in my P411 review.

With this one, though, it claims that you can do what you want if you agree that nothing is private. Remember when I talked about the TOS earlier? Since anyone can post ads for a date, there are tons of ways to misuse the site. Things like local hookups, live cams, and meet-to-fuck options are popular, but you must still determine if it’s totally worth checking out because of the risk.

Massage Parlors

You probably know what massage parlors are; you pay for body rubs and get a happy ending, too. Even if you go to Harlot Hub for that reason, there’s no guarantee that you can find something legitimate. How many people search the homepage and find nothing? I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s a lot.

My advice is to use dating sites and tell the women that you don’t want a relationship. You expect something fun, like erotic massages with the hand job. Honestly, most of these girls are ready for anything!

Cam Sites

Live sex cams are a tricky business, too. You can spend tons of money because these cam girls are beautiful and seductive. Plus, the cam site usually works by you spending credits to watch the escorts strip. I think it’s better to go to strip clubs if that’s what you want.

Pay to Play with Local Hookups

HarlotHub promises casual sex and local hookups. You can find a girl ready to swallow your cock or who is into BDSM easily. However, I feel that this is shady, too. There is a limit to how many pictures one can view, but that’s because there aren’t very many escorts. While you can use in-site communication, the site design just lacks.  View my list of apps for hook ups, and you’ll be much better off.

harlot hub fort lauderdale

Smoking hot, but is she even real? I’m always leery of these types of websites.


Most men want to hook up with hotties and have casual dating or sex. However, the web is full of free or cheap ways to get pussy, so there’s just no need to hire escorts. Harlot Hub is not the real deal, but there are other options out there. If you want to fuck a girl, use a dating site and tell them you want something casual!


RubMaps Review – Should You Use It? Is It Legit? Find out Now!

Everyone enjoys a good massage. I know I do, and I tend to get them frequently from my dates. However, I just can’t say it’s a good thing to use massage parlors that are listed on the RubMaps website.

This is the place I go to talk about different escort websites and casual dating sites. I begin by performing Google searches on each one to check out what others say who have used them in the past. Though I don’t perform advanced searches, I do find various phone app options available that offer many services.

In my RubMaps review, I’m here to talk all about the site, but I’m really shocked it’s a thing. This is a new one for me, and I wanted to find out what this Yelp for Massage Parlors was really about. You probably don’t trust the first things you see about a website because you’re like me. In a sense, you want someone else to get a deeper idea of the site and exactly what it involves.

My question is this: Is RubMaps legit? You definitely don’t want to visit an underground website and perform illegal activities to get in trouble with the police. It’s just not worth it to get sexual favors for money when there are tons of girls on the web doing it for free. Let’s get started!

The Full Rundown of RubMaps Massage Parlor Finder

I think it’s sweet how some people still don’t know what happens at massage parlors. There’s nothing wrong with it, but you’re naive, and that easily gets people into trouble within the online prostitution world.

For most of us, we know that these companies offer the happy ending massage. In a sense, you get massaged, and at the end of the session, you “get off” from different types of sexual acts.

If you like to get a sensual massage and end with a hand-job, you could easily be tempted to download RubMaps to see what it recommends. There’s plenty of information out there, such as how good the women perform and what the hourly rate is at each location.

However, my RubMaps review is here to tell you exactly how the site fails for one reason. Let’s dive deeper into the world of RubMaps and what’s involved:

Site Overview

The moment you arrive at the RubMaps website, you see a banner claiming that it’s been around since 2010. It claims here that it can’t condone payment for any sexual services and doesn’t help sex workers find customers because of the new sex trafficking laws that have recently been enacted.

That seemed odd to me, but I realize that the owners of RubMaps don’t want to get busted for human trafficking problems. Technically, it’s only pointing you in the direction of massage parlor options with Asian females performing Nuru massages or other service needs.

Another issue that bothered me was that the banner claimed to suspend operations to people in the United States and that the site was blocked. This is a red flag! The RubMaps app owner is really saying that it had to shut down because it was doing illegal things on the internet.

However, I still clicked the button to agree to gain access to the site. Then, I immediately went to the Terms and Conditions section, which was lousy.

rubmaps california

A sampling of the places you can get a rub, and tug in Northern California.

Crazy Terms of Conditions and Legal Jargon

How does RubMaps work? Well, to figure that out, you must go to the Terms and Conditions area. I also recommend that you do that for every single website you visit so that you understand how it uses the information it gets from you.

The terms on RubMaps say that you can’t use it for any sexual purposes. Therefore, you can’t offer adult services, exchange money to get sexual pleasure, and really can’t do anything to enhance the sex experience.

This also means you can’t donate or buy sperm or eggs, do any nude modeling, or sell/buy guns. That’s a good thing to have for your site, but there’s an issue here. RubMaps lists massage parlors that perform happy endings and other sex services and even tells you the price of each service. In a sense, it’s going against its Terms of Service agreement, and I find that to be a big red flag.

I realize it must cover its own “@$$,” but my issue is that you can’t tell potential customers all that and then decide to list happy ending parlors. Some people could argue that getting off at the parlor is like donating sperm, and now you’re in trouble. A person could also claim that being naked during the massage is a form of modeling. While these scenarios are a reach, the cops might do whatever they can to catch the people involved. If you’re there at the time of the sting, you’re in trouble!

Must Pay Money to Become a Member

Most RubMaps reviews just gloss over that you must pay the monthly membership to use this service. I know some dating sites make you pay for premium features, but this one doesn’t offer a free version at all.

With that, you must pay to even read reviews for each massage parlor on RubMaps. The premium membership price is $19.95 a month. However, the yearly membership is $149, and people have to pay with a debit card only.

rubmaps reviews

Like they say “No money, no honey.”

I must say that the price for RubMaps is much more than other dating sites I’ve used or reviewed. Plus, you aren’t required to pay for sex or use illegal services as you must at RubMaps.

There’s also the issue of paying with prepaid cards or Bitcoin. RubMaps offers this, but then it raises the prices!

Paying means that you can access the reviews from the spas. However, there’s no safety net. If you get a happy ending and are caught, you’re charged, and you can’t blame the dating site.

RubMaps doesn’t stand by you; when you’re a member, you are put in the database that says you got body massages and happy endings. That makes it pretty easy for the cops to get you.

I’ve also got to point out there this site isn’t full-service, and you get no special features if you pay. You just use it to get reviews about other spas, but you don’t know if they’re fake accounts or real.

Most of the Asian Massage Parlors Are Actually Closed

On the RubMaps website, you see a section about closed massage parlors. My question is: why are these locations closed? I wonder if it’s because they got raided during a customer’s erotic massage!

Raids happen all the time, and I feel that many of them come from RubMaps directly. Therefore, if you’re there getting a rubdown, even if you don’t get the happy ending, you’re arrested with the others at the spa!

asian massage parlor closings

Massage parlors offering extra services are routinely busted, like in this massive Florida bust.

Rubmaps does let you see which sex spas are closed, but there are so many that are out of commission. Plus, they may have hidden cameras, so if you weren’t there during the raid, the cops can go through the video footage and still catch you in action. It’s crazy, and I wonder why these parlors have so many customers!

Legitimate and Real Businesses Suffer

I actually feel sorry for the legitimate companies that offer massage therapy. They often get added to the RubMaps site without their permission. There are plenty of real massage spas and practitioners that don’t give happy endings!

People use RubMaps to find various parlors. However, they call a specific massage parlor for paid erotic services and are told that these options aren’t available. They’re upset because they don’t get their massage, but the companies are wasting time on people who don’t realize that there are alternatives to RubMaps. Regular dating sites can help you find casual encounters without paying prostitutes; you hook up for free!

Some companies offer sexual favors and want to be on the site to bring more business. However, businesses that don’t want to be there have no recourse available.

I’ve actually found that many reputable therapists have their companies listed here and get whatever information they can from the johns to provide to the police! That means if you call to ask about sexual services and the company doesn’t offer that, the owners might give your information to the cops for a future raid. That’s definitely not a good thing!

Proof from Orchids of Asia Day Spa That It’s Used for Sting Operations

People are much more trusting than I am, and I have no issue with that. Still, if you need real proof that this RubMaps website isn’t to be trusted, it’s this:

Recently, RubMaps was included in a police report from Jupiter, Florida. There was a bust at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa. After a few weeks of watching, law enforcement arrested Robert Kraft and John Childs, as well as 25 others for solicitation.

You can find reviews about massage parlors, but you could also end up as part of a police raid!

surveillance cameras

Source: The Daily Mail.

The cops tend to use RubMaps for police raids on people who go to those parlors. At that time, the sting location was in Jupiter Florida, but they could be anywhere.

Robert Kraft actually owned the New England Patriots and got in trouble for using RubMaps and that massage parlor. While he claimed that the price was cheap at the spa, it definitely wasn’t worth it. He ended up dealing with all sorts of legal trouble and embarrassment.

Plus, the Orchids’ telephone number is also connected to other spas. If you call any of those, the police might be watching. It’s better to visit a regular dating website and tell the chick you want a happy ending!

Hidden Cameras

Earlier, I mentioned that some parlors like to use hidden cameras. I’m not sure why they want to see all these guys with their employees, but that’s none of my business.

In a sense, that shady parlor offering erotic massages might have cameras set up all over the place. That way, it catches you in the act of doing something illegal. If it’s raided, the owners turn you in to get a lesser sentence themselves from the cops.

orchids of asia day spa

Be very careful at these Day Spa’s.

My point here is that when you go to RubMaps and sign up, you’re instantly put in the database! Once you contact the parlors shown on the RubMaps site, you also risk your happy ending being in porn videos. If cops bust the place, you get put on the stick from RubMaps and the parlor. It’s just not worth it!


I’ve seen other review sites claiming that RubMaps is legitimate, but I can’t condone the use of it. Whether you like paying for your sexual services or not, it’s an illegal activity in the United States. Just because they market it differently doesn’t matter.

If you don’t want hassles from the local law enforcement agencies, it’s best to avoid Rub Maps and use dating sites.

While it’s nice to read user reviews about any services provided by the parlors, it might cost your freedom or a lot of money. There’s no need to spend cash for sex; other sites let you hook up with women without prostitution.

While my RubMaps review is now over, I want you to know about other websites you could use and sign up for:

Better Alternatives for Massage Spas

There are plenty of negative and positive RubMaps reviews out there, but I recommend that you use a dating site where you don’t have to pay for any sexual services from the women.

Is RubMaps real? Yes, it is. However, you could spend the night with a hooker and risk getting in trouble (legally and monetarily), or you could search for girls in your area who want to have sex right now. When you contact someone, just ask for hot massages with happy endings. It’s so much safer.

The top hook up apps are all on my home page, but in addition to that, (where you can ask for whatever you want, even breast feeding!) they include Fling,, Instabang, SnapSext, and Uberhorny. They each have their benefits, and my advice is to look at each one first to see if becoming a paid member is worth it for you!

Adult Breastfeeding

Adult Breastfeeding Dating Sites – The Top-rated Options

Most people might think this topic is strange or disturbing, but we all have different fetish needs. I’m not here to judge if it’s not illegal or dangerous. The subject today is on adult breastfeeding and how it relates to dating. In a sense, there are ABF/ANR personal ads out there that focus on this fetish.

Just like adults wearing diapers and liking feet, ABF relationships are quite popular. Regardless, if you’re into this type of thing, this list of the top dating sites with that service is all for you. Let’s dive in!

What Is Adult Breastfeeding?

Adult breastfeeding is actually quite taboo still. Women and men enjoy breastfeeding but can’t throw that knowledge out to everyone because they could be judged. Therefore, ABF/ANR fans have to use other means to find like-minded individuals.

In a sense, adult breastfeeding happens for all types of reasons. Many women and men enjoy the suckling during lactation, and it brings pleasure to the woman. However, breastfeeding as an adult could be practical, too. That way, the milk doesn’t dry up if the baby isn’t nursing. Maybe the woman wants to keep her big boobs for a bit longer.

Regardless of why you like breastfeeding as an adult, you might find it hard to get people to join you. Overall, the ANR community is small, and you can’t ask your regular date to whip out a tit for dessert.

Therefore, you need the right dating site if you’ve got a craving for breast milk.

adult breastfeeding

Image Source: Medical Daily.

Top 10 ABF Dating Sites

Here are my best choices for ANR/ABF fans. Breast lovers are sure to find these ANR sites ideal for sex and lactation!

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is more of a traditional dating site, but you can find people into breastfeeding as adults, and there are various groups dedicated to it. This network has a large community, with 80 million members!

These women aren’t prudes, either. The ANR/ABF community here is open and expressive, talking about whatever they want in forums and blogs.

If you’re into ANR, this is the place to be because there are no ads, there’s mobile capability, and better security! However, since this member area is small, the women you meet may not be local. In a sense, you must travel for lactation!

ABF Singles

If you want to avoid a traditional dating site and need something specialized, ABF Singles has you covered. It’s the largest lactation site on the internet right now. If you’re in the ANR/ABF world, the members here have you covered with tons of features!

The administrators take time to approve the members, so if you’re into ANR, my advice is to give it time after you sign up.


FetLife is a kink site, so whatever you’re into, you’re sure to find. That definitely includes ANR/ABF, and there’s a large group of members into it and active. That’s crucial when you’re hoping to connect with a partner.

Those who want online action are in luck because there are tons of ANR and lactation videos you can watch. Though it might not be free, users enjoy all the features of this website!

Dreams of Milk

If you dream of breastfeeding and like erotic lactation, you’re in luck with Dreams of Milk. This site has members posting what they want with contact information. However, you can’t use vulgar language, and it’s more about getting into the ANR world than the sexual aspect.

Still, the members make it an affordable and safe interest site. However, it doesn’t verify members, so trolls do get in while you chat. If your goal is to make friends in the ABF community, start your account on the website today!

Lactating Dating

I believe that Lactating Dating is a good option for those who are new to ANR and ABF. Sometimes, it feels like a regular dating site, but the ABF pool is quite small. Joining is easy, and the site has a good appearance.

The issue I have is I’m not sure each member is real. If you’re there for erotic lactation, I advise you to pay close attention to the picture to ensure you’re not talking to a guy instead of a girl.

ANR Connections (Adult Nursing Relationship)

ANR Connections is a tight-knit community and is dedicated only to ABF/ANR. To join, you must answer tons of questions, and the site moderators approve membership, so that takes time. However, you know that all members are serious about being here.

When members gain access, they can chat, see photo galleries, and even find events. Those into adult nursing might find it bland, but your goal is to search for videos and people who offer lactation.


AdultBreastFeeding.US is a site dedicated solely to ANR or ABF. It’s open to members in Australia, the UK, Canada, and the US. If you find yourself traveling and want to enjoy some milk, this is the ANR site to consider.

Gift of Milk

If you’ve been around ANR/ABF for a while, you may remember Land of Milk and Honey. That site actually merged with Gift of Milk to become a super-site.

However, members see a motherly vibe instead of that kink feel. Plus, members must be approved, and the forums aren’t very busy. Still, there are tons of great articles about the subject and suggestions available.


ANRelationship is there to help you find someone interested in lactation for eroticism. Just give it some basic information, and the algorithm matches you to a date.

It’s easy to use, too, so members should have no trouble locating and meeting for adult nursing relationships!


I keep going to Fling because it’s amazing, no matter what you’re into. Those who like to suckle the breast are sure to become members.

If you’re into the ANR/ABF lifestyle, you’re in luck. Tons of members want to breastfeed to be sexy, so lactation is plentiful! Create a username and password now to talk to others!


People are into adult breastfeeding for many reasons. Sexual kinks and health purposes are the main ones. Regardless of why you like breast milk, ABF/ANR websites like these are great. The members know what they want, and it’s all about the breast! Create an account, sign in, and search for pictures that make you want to pop!

private delights

Private Delights – The Truth Revealed in This Review

You’ve likely read many reviews in your life, and I’m here to say that they usually reiterate the same thing. Most providers just want to get more clients to the site, and they don’t necessarily care how they do it. Therefore, it’s important to get as much data from each website as you can.

Recently, I ran across Private Delights, which uses a Swiss domain and is very similar to the way US classifieds work. However, when I did my research, I found that it’s hosted only from a Switzerland location. There were a few US-based cities included, though. Still, most of the profiles were in the Netherlands and other areas in Europe.

Those who live in America may have fewer options throughout the country.

A Friendly Note

Since I must think of my followers, I decided to create this review to help everyone search for escorts and determine what services are actually available. That way, you know what to expect from the site and what its system is like.

Keep reading the review to learn all the information you need:

Private Delights Screening Process – Same Thing as Other Poor Dating Sites

Before you sign up for Private Delights, you should look at its content. While you’re there, you see that its process includes info about the verification process of user-profiles and demands that providers submit only appropriate and confirmed information.

When you see the escort profiles on the website, they appear realistic and credible. I felt like this might be a great resource for area escorts. The girls are hot, but the photos don’t appear edited or retouched to look fake or unbelievable. Overall, you get nice photographs and clean camera angles on the website, but it’s not so fancy that the providers look fake. That means you can spend a lot of time on the site getting to know the people.

This simple review focused on this aspect and found that the system appears genuine.


There are two interfaces on this site – one’s for the clients, and the other is for the providers. I feel like it’s quite similar to Facebook because there’s a virtual meeting platform for the services and activities relating to paid sex.

For those who’ve read other site reviews from me, this isn’t really a surprise because the number one thing people want is info about the service options.

This website service is designed to hook up escorts and clients, so the content focuses mainly on that. Still, it doesn’t take any responsibility for its actions, as you can see from the terms and conditions.

The Breakdown to Getting More Clients

Private Delights appears genuine, but it’s not free to locate girls or search. In fact, it’s mandatory to join up, and your only option, if you don’t, is to leave the website without a chance to learn how things work. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Client sign-up is there for people who want to talk to women, so they must join.
  • Provider sign-up is there for the girls who prefer to provide various services to clients and meet them.

In a sense, both types of users much join to take part in the other side for the screening process. The reviews you read are likely genuine testimonies.

One Issue

However, you can’t take this process for granted. Anyone can log onto the site and post things that aren’t true. However, I feel that the chances of seeing negative reviews are quite low because the website checks the profiles with automation and artificial intelligence.

What These Girls Are Like on Private Delights

The girls here are realistic and hot from this provider. Right now, there are a total of 285 profiles, and they all look genuine. While that doesn’t seem like a lot, I compare it to the fake sites that claim to have many users and don’t. Then, when you look for them in your state, you find no one or just a handful.


It’s possible to search by location, state, or city. Once you check providers from a particular city or country, you see their age. The menus are also simple, so it’s easy to locate escorts of any age. Plus, there are few commercials.

I feel that it’s a good idea to pay attention when reading reviews of the escorts. Though the screening process is more transparent here, it’s still up to you. Also, make sure that your browser is compatible.

The Best Way to Do Reviews on Private Delights and Other Dating Apps Like It

A place like this is a great way to locate providers for sex. There are just two rules I go by:

  1. Don’t give out personal information (address or real name).
  2. Don’t talk about what happens with you and your providers.

The goal here is to locate people, read reviews on the escorts, and make an informed choice about who you’re interested in. This should be simple!


Finding a provider for sex or to chat with is often difficult. You want a fair price and servers that protect your data. Hopefully, my reviews give you an idea about which ones to join!

The providers at Private Delights appear genuine and have decent reviews. Join now and create an account whether you’re in Europe or the US!

join sweet sext

SweetSext Review – Can You Meet Locals to Hookup, Sext, and Trade Nudes?

Today is the day you find out why so many people use SweetSext and how it could be the best hookup app. Do you want to meet for sex and trade nude selfies in 2021? My Sweet Sext review explains it all. Plus, I’ve actually used the network for a while, and it’s an all-time favorite.

Click here to go to SweetSext now!

It’s probably not surprising to anyone that I’ve tried a ton of sexting apps. I can’t go so far as to say I’ve used them all, but there have been many. Most of the sites weren’t that great, and some were fairly good.

However, they all seemed to be missing something. Then, I found the SweetSext app and tried it. From there, I knew I had to spread the word about it to others.

I was quite shocked when it worked like it was supposed to, as many of them don’t. Plus, it was designed specifically for the pandemic so that every horny person had a place to go to trade nudes.

In my review, I talk about all of the things you need to know and throw in some personal tidbits about my success on the app.

Before we start, though, you may have already decided you want to join. If that’s the case, click here to register for free!

My Review

If you’re not ready yet to join or need to know how, my full SweetSext review can help you. It tells you everything I learned about it, and the best part is I’m still using it. In fact, it might just be my newest favorite NSA site because it works so well. I use it all the time when I need to get a little naughty.

sign up for sweet sext

Here’s what you have to know:

What’s SweetSext?

SweetSext is considered a sexting site where you can send nude selfies to others and get them back. Ultimately, this hookup app helps you meet locals who want to have sex with you. Plus, you can use it to flirt and get naked pics of others that you can use alone (wink, wink).  Like any sexually charged app, you’ll meet people from all walks of life.  The talent pool is wide enough to get people from every stereo-type out there, and I’ve met everything from the naughty Moms looking for fun to the deviant, lonely trailer park types that I’ve always been curious about.  White, African-American, Asian, Latino, every race and creed is in the mix as they have a MASSIVE pool of members.  So whatever your fetish or preference is, you’ll find it here.

It was created to look like Snapchat and appeal to a younger crowd. Plus, you don’t get kicked off the site when you send naked selfies to others. Don’t forget; you get some back!

Most people might be wary and feel that it couldn’t be that easy. However, it is an amazing experience that no other app can offer. I feel that it’s one of the top sexting, flirting, and hookup apps I’ve found.  This one, and, (read my review here), are basically 1A and 1B in terms of the apps I use and recommend the most.

Really, you should take just a few minutes and go to the website right now. You immediately see how excellent the network is. Plus, you can check out a few of the hot babes before you sign up.

I know you’re probably thinking that it’s a pain in the butt to join the app. SweetSext isn’t like that and is quite easy to register. You can be signed in and creating your profile in 30 seconds or so. However, if you want to read the instructions for signing up, I’ve included them below for your convenience:

Joining SweetSext

It’s quick and painless to join SweetSext. You only have to complete a few steps to register. I’ve listed them all below, so you can see what it’s all about before you head to the site and try it for yourself.

To begin, you have to visit the homepage. You probably have a favorite browser, so open it and type “” into the search bar. If you don’t want to click for another tab, just click here, and you can get right to the page.

Once you’re on the website, you should look for the display box with the NEXT button on it. This should be right above the slideshow of hot babes.

Now you just:

  1. Choose a gender
  2. Decide who to seek out on the app (couple, woman, man, all of the above)
  3. Enter a zipcode (it can be your current location or wherever you want to find hotties)
  4. Click your age
  5. Enter your preferred email address
  6. Check the box to get free Camsoda tokens so that you can live cam with the girls (optional)
  7. Enter a password

That’s all you have to do. In about 30 seconds, you can complete all seven steps and go to the member’s area. Now, you can update your profile.

Profile Tips

Some people are raring to go, so they skip this step, but it’s important to finish your profile to match well with other members. If you want to get laid (and you do), here are a few tips to improve your chances:

Message the Members

You don’t have to sit back and wait for others to talk to you. Reach out to the members yourself and be a social butterfly. It’s better to put in some of the work now to get laid sooner.

Choose Your Display Name

Most people use whatever username they already have, but this isn’t the place for that. The goal is to tell others what you’re good at. It can be a little naughty and should definitely be creative and bold.

Just don’t use your real name here because you also want to be discreet. It’s so easy for people to find out personal info about you, and you need to stay safe!

Add a Photo

I know that you probably think you look whack, but a real picture is so much better than the dummy image. In fact, most people set up their preferences to only see profiles from people with photos. If you don’t have one, you miss out on tons of opportunities for women to find you.

Just make sure that the picture shows off your best assets. That way, the ladies can’t wait to message you.


It’s free to join and use the site, but I highly recommend that you upgrade to a premium account. First, that information is displayed under your profile, and it tells others you’re serious. Plus, it can open more doors for you as it did for me.


You know what type of woman you’re looking for, and now you can input the criteria to match with. When you do this, you’re only shown profiles of women that match those factors. This way, you’re interested in the people you choose to message.

Messaging Others

It’s pretty straightforward to message the members. I think the message center is pretty modern, and I put out about 50 sexts in a few minutes.

Most members respond fast because they are there to hookup and sext. Even though it’s called SweetSext, many of the messages are naughty and dirty to get you hot and bothered. That’s not a problem, is it?

The Price

It’s free to join/use the app, but you can upgrade. I recommend that you do because the prices are reasonable, and you’ve got options.

However, you’re probably wondering why you should shell out money. Do you get extra features? Oh, yes! With the upgrade, you can access:

  • Deep search
  • Group chat
  • Swipe games
  • Live cams
  • Premium content
  • See who has viewed your profile

There are various upgrade options, too:

  • Two days for $0.95
  • Seven days for $9.95
  • 30 days for $34.95
  • 180 days (six months) for $59.95 ($11.65 per month)
  • 545 days (one year plus six free months) for $80.04 ($6.67 per month) – BEST VALUE

I always suggest to newbies that they try a two-day trial or the seven-day trial to get a feel for the site and what an upgrade can do. Then, you should go for the 545-day version because it’s cost-effective.

Customer Service

Global Personals, LLC owns and operates this website, and it has other sexting apps out there, too. I like that the customer service is available 24/7, so you can talk to someone when an issue arises.

I’m not ashamed to say I’ve used customer support a few times. They definitely know what to do.

Hookup Success Guarantee

You read that right; SweetSext offers a hookup guarantee. If you don’t get laid with a premium membership, you get an extension of the one you purchased.

I’ve yet to find another casual dating site that offers such a deal. Therefore, it’s a good time to try SweetSext because there’s nothing to lose. If you want to learn more about the warranty, go to the member’s area.

No Fakes

Many websites are full of fake profiles, and it’s hard to filter through them to find the real babes who want to bang you or send nudes.

However, SweetSext is always checking for shady profiles, removing them from the site and banning the users. That means you only see real hotties who want to chat with you.


My Sweet Sext review is about done. You’ve learned a lot about the website and are sure to want to give it a try. There’s nothing to worry about because it’s free to join and use.

When you’re ready to get more from it, I highly recommend the premium upgrade. Join today to connect with sexy babes in your area.

Register for Free on – Click Here! Review Review & Why It’s The Best So Far In 2021…

There are literally thousands of dating and hookup sites on the internet. Each one of them promises that they’ll find you someone for whatever it is you’re looking for. When you’re like me and you want easy and quick sex, you learn to be skeptical of the promises that hookup sites give.

You see, many of these sites are fly-by-night and only stick around long enough to get as much money as they can from unsuspecting guys who don’t realize they’re being scammed. Typically, these sites pull the same tricks and the only thing you get is a lighter wallet.

If you’ve been scammed by these types of sites and you’re tired of playing the “wait-and-see” game to determine if a dating site is real, or you’re new to online dating and you want to avoid the entire headache of fraud dating sites, you might have questions about was created in 2006 and has over 50 million members from around the world, making it one of the O.G.’s of the dating world. And what’s even better is that I have found that actually works.

Yep, you read that right, is not only an older site in the dating world, it delivers everything it promises. Oh, it’s also one the top of what I consider the best hook up app list of all time. Here is why I feel that is worth checking out!

Reviews Don’t Lie

I have been around the block with dating sites and I’ve seen everything. I think I know what a good site is and what a bad one is, but if you don’t believe me, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of reviews online for by other users.

Of course, there are going to be some reviews where someone wasn’t enthused with what has to offer, every site out there is like that. But, I would say the vast majority of the people who legit joined (not the trolls who just like to review things negatively because they don’t have anything else on the face of the earth to do) have pretty good things to say about it.

If you don’t want to read my review, or you just don’t trust me, give the old Google a quick perusing and you’ll see why is a great site and why others think you should give it a try.

If you are interested in the in-depth reasons why is great, keep reading. site screenshot

Get A Fling Login

A Few Reasons is an Authentic Dating Site

Most people are going to base the authenticity of a dating site on their results. That’s cool and all, but it doesn’t give you an honest picture of a site. I say that because there are so many variables on having success, that it shouldn’t be the only way you decide if a site is good.

For example, say your buddy Randy, who is pretty much a dick, tried and he had got no dates. But, you know he is a big mouth and tends to be a little rude to the ladies. Well, of course, he’s not going to have as much success as someone who writes up a nice, honest profile, talks politely in chats, and doesn’t have such high expectations that he turns down ladies who could be awesome but don’t fit into the “Barbie Doll” mold.

So, I guess what I’m saying is, you have to be realistic, friendly, truthful, and don’t be like your buddy Randy if you expect any type of success on any dating site. You just won’t get anywhere being a douchebag.

Without further ado, here are the five reasons why is an authentic dating site.

#1: Secure premium membership payments uses two top-notch sites, Epoch and Segpay, to process its payments. Both sites have security certificates (they have the “s” after their http:// address) and provide secure transactions. You definitely want that in a dating site because unfortunately, scams are so common in the online dating world.

#2: No fake/site created profiles (Every Profile Is Real)

If you aren’t aware that this is a thing, let me assure you that many shady dating sites create fake profiles to trick their real members into thinking that the site is busy and has tons of sexy female members looking to talk to you.

Well, my friend, if you only see hot lady profiles or you’re hit up by a lot of women who just keep begging you to upgrade your membership to talk to them, it’s a good sign that you’re talking to a fake profile and someone paid to get you hooked. doesn’t do this at all and they state it in their terms and conditions. Here’s what it says:

“No Service Created Profiles: Unlike many competitors, this Site does not contain any profiles created by the Service whether to increase member numbers or entertain or otherwise engage with users of the Service nor for any other purpose.”

#3: Membership privacy is very important

Another thing that sham dating sites will do is take your info and use it how they see fit. Don’t believe me? Ever wonder why after you give a dating site your email address, you’re suddenly getting tons of emails from supposed women wanting to show you their goods?

Oh, and after you click on that second email, did you wonder why you’re getting strange hits on your credit card? Well, that’s because your personal info is being used for marketing schemes and who knows what else. doesn’t do this. Here’s what their terms state:

“We use your email address and your other personal information to help us efficiently operate the Service, to contact you in connection with your transactions and other activities on the Service (including, but not limited to, confirmation emails or important news that could affect your relationship with and to forward messages to you from other users.”

#4: No content sharing with third parties

Bad dating sites (especially in adult dating) are notorious for sharing your information with other bad sites. It’s just a fact of dating site life. Thankfully, doesn’t do this.

Anything you enter into their site for your profile is safe and will never be sold to another site for any reason.

#5: has a fraud detection team

Even though doesn’t use fake profiles, trolls and fakes can still get on and create profiles to try and catfish other members. Again, this is just another sad fact of internet dating.

To protect its members, has a professional team that goes above and beyond in scoping out profiles that look fishy and removing them before they annoy or ruin the experience for legit members.

#6 The messages from matches are pretty much guaranteed

For members that decide to join, whether it be for a trial period or the standard monthly subscription, you’re sure to get messages from matches.


Well, because there are only real people using the platform, there’s actually more activity than those who use fake messaging. As a result, you’ll get a lot more messages.

#7 Text and video chat increase hookup chance

You’ve got options for connecting with members. Some platforms have no video chat and that’s why they are inferior to this one.

Having the option to connect via different methods gives members options. When they have options, they are more likely to connect with you.

#8 There’s a 3-month guarantee

Every individual using this casual dating app gets a 3-month guarantee. The three-month guarantee is a money-back guarantee that the company offers. This builds trust in girls and guys looking for potential partners.

It’s extremely hard to find a hookup app that has this and that’s one of the reasons why they offer it to every premium member.

#9 The mobile version is user-friendly

Most people access the member’s area via mobile phones, which is why the company has made this mobile experience as fast and friendly as possible. What can you do via the mobile version?

You can do everything.

If you’re using a phone to access the network (any mobile phone with Internet access) then you will be able to access your Fling profile, the advanced search function, all the profile details, and more.

You will be able to send private messages to members as well as read incoming messages and yes, you can consume all the premium content via mobile too.

#10 Best search capability of all adult hookup sites

Searching on Fling is simple as well as advanced. You can do so by sexual preferences, body type, hair color, marital status, eye color, age range, location, online status, and more.

Basically, if it’s one of the attributes in the many profile fields, then it can be searched for. With so many ways to narrow things down, finding your ideal friends with benefits is a breeze.

#11 They care about customers

This might be the most valid reason to register for your Fling login. The company behind this site cares deeply about its customers. They go above and beyond many other “fling” apps out there.

“But how,” you ask? Well, they do a lot! The additional 3-month guarantee, discreet billing, no fake profiles policy, no sharing data with third parties, 24/7 customer service, safe mode, discreet mode, and more!

Final Verdict on Go For It!

I don’t think I need to give too much of a recap on Honestly, if you want a site that is taking the safety of its members seriously and will get you a hookup or two (or three, or four) as long as you do your part, then I don’t think you’re going to find much better than

If you’ve read my Fling review and checked out a few online, and you’re planning on joining, here is what it will cost you:

  • Joining: Free
  • 2-day trial: $2.48/day
  • 7-day trial: $9.95/day
  • 1-month membership: $34.95/month
  • 6-month membership: $11.65/month
  • 12-month membership: $6.67/month

My best advice to you is this: if you’re still unsure, give the two-day trial a go. If you don’t like it, you’re out like $5.00. But, if you like it, you can upgrade and begin your journey on easy, fun, hot sexy times, and don’t we all want that?

Register For Free – Click Here Review Review: Is This Horny Hookup Network Worth It In 2021?

I have reviewed and tried out hundreds of dating sites. Everything from vanilla, to kink, to escort sites. Trust me, I’ve seen just about everything that the good sites offer, and I’m well versed in the tricks the bad ones like to play on unsuspecting horny men.

So, when a new site hits my radar, I like to think that I know exactly what to look for. One of the new sites that a friend asked me to look over for them is Uberhorny.

Now, typically sites that use cutesy names like this are usually just a gimmick. They like to play off of things that people recognize, like social media sites or in this case, a transportation company where you can get a ride easily. I mean, doesn’t every guy want to be able to use a legitimate app to easily find a lady for a “ride”?

The question about Uberhorny is, “does it work?” Is it possible to find a sexual encounter quickly and easily? Are there real women there or are all the ads fakes?

Well, friends, luckily for you I have spent some time on Uberhorny to determine if they are legit, or if they’re going to frustrate you like all the other fake hookup sites that have been popping up across the internet. Keep reading to find out if I give Uberhorny the thumbs up, or if I’d recommend you avoid it completely.

Main Reasons Why Uberhorny is Legit

When you’re using any dating site, sexually related or not, you should look out for certain things that will tell you if the site is a good one, or just in the dating world to make a quick buck. I know what to look for, but not everyone is as well versed in the dating scene as I am. If you aren’t, let me show you why I think that Uberhorny is legit and hopefully you can take these things with you to other dating sites to judge their authenticity.

Reason #1: The Landing Page.

This may seem like a crazy way to determine if a site is a good one, especially since many sites have excellent front-end developers who can make a site look amazing. But, hear me out.

Uberhorny has a very sexy looking landing page, which is wonderful eye candy for us guys. But what they also do is make sure that you understand everything they are about. You can find the way to contact the company, their privacy policy, their hookup guarantee, and their security seals.

This tells me that they are serious about making sure their members are comfortable with the service they offer and that they are available to help when there are any issues. You can’t really ask for much more from a company, in my opinion.

Reason #2: No Fake, Service-Generated Profiles.

I don’t know if you know this, but many dating sites and hookup sites will create fake profiles. While this sounds deceitful, and it kind of is, it is totally legal as long as the dating site lets you know they use this practice in their terms of service. The reason nobody knows about this is because members rarely read those terms because they’re long, boring, and men really just want to get to the exciting stuff.

Here’s the deal with service-generated profiles. Dating sites will often steal pictures from the internet of attractive, yet “normal” women, and create fake profiles to make other members believe the dating site is hopping with hotties. They will then have a bot or paid employee interact as that person, convincing you to upgrade your membership while stringing you along with fake promises of meeting up.

You will never meet these people. You can’t. They aren’t real.

They are legitimately paid to talk to you, often in a very dirty manner to get you excited and keep you interested. They are legally catfishing you.

The great news is that Uberhorny does not use fake profiles. Here is what their terms state:

“Unlike many competitors, this Site does not contain any profiles created by the Service whether to increase member numbers or entertain or otherwise engage with users of the Service nor for any other purpose.”

This means that there are hundreds of women who are real on Uberhorny and guess what, they’re uber horny!

Reason #3: Hook-Up Guarantee.

This is a huge one that only the best dating sites on the internet offer. On Uberhorny, once you’re a paid member (joining is free, but if you want the best of what they offer, you’re going to want to upgrade), and you follow their rules, you’re given a three-month guarantee that you’ll get laid.

If you’re not having sex within three months, you’ll get an extension of three months for free. Uberhorny wants you to be happy with their service and have sex, which is awesome.

Reason #4: No Reselling Your Information to Third-Parties.

Uberhorny takes the safety of its members seriously. This means they don’t take part in something most shady sites like to do. Sites that are more interested in themselves will sell your information to partner sites, whether you like it or not.

But not Uberhorny. Their terms state the following:

“As more fully set forth in our Privacy Statement, your personal information will not be resold to any third-party.”

They also expect you to do your part in this as well. This means no posting things that infringe on others or the site, and you’re responsible for being exactly who you say you are. Don’t be that guy that ruins it for everyone else.

Reason #5: Uberhorny Informs You of Privacy Policy Changes.

Uberhorny doesn’t want their members to be tricked or unhappy. This is why it is great that they alert their members of any changes to their privacy policy prior to making any changes. Their terms state:

“If at any point we decide to use any particular personally identifiable information in a manner different from that stated at the time it was collected, we will notify users by way of an email or by providing 30-days notice on the Service.”

Uberhorny is completely transparent and that, my friends, is a good company.

Reason #6: Totally Secure.

Unfortunately, dating sites are not the most secure sites on the internet. Sex is just a prime way for those in the cyber threat world to attack people.

Uberhorny, once again, takes your safety seriously with not one, but two security measures in place. Not only are they Verisign certified, but Norton certifies them as well. So, while you’re spending time on the site you’re safe and when you upgrade your membership, your personal information is going to be protected as well.

Joining Uberhorny is free, like most dating sites. However, to use the upgraded features you have to upgrade your membership. Here is what it will cost you:

  • Two-day trial: $2.48
  • Seven-day trial: $9.95
  • One-month subscription: $34.95
  • Six-month subscription: $11.65/month
  • One-year subscription: $6.67/month

My Final Verdict on Uberhorny: HUGE Thumbs Up!

I love when I can review a dating site that delivers and Uberhorny does that in every way. I have been using the site for a while now and I’ve had multiple encounters with women who are just as horny as I am. I am a total believer in Uberhorny and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for quick, easy hookups.

Dating Affair

Affair Dating Review: Is It Real or Another Fraud Dating App?

AffairDating review

I know that some people don’t agree with this, but I’m actually a really huge fan of the online dating scene. So, when a website like comes along, it immediately grabs my interest. Because I’m always ready for a new relationship, or at least a new hook up, and new dating sites have the potential to provide the opportunity to make this easier on me.

You’re never going to find a matchmaking tool with 100% accuracy no matter how hard they try to develop one. Two people can get matched up and meet each other. And maybe they’ll even hit it off, but this isn’t going to happen every time.

But one of the biggest reasons why dating sites are so advantageous is because you can learn about potential connections before going on a date. You’re not looking for magic or someone to come down from the heavens to connect you with a potential partner. You look at someone’s picture, read about them in their description, learn about their positive and negative attributes, and decide if they sound like someone you’d like to connect with.

Some online dating sites are more helpful than others. As a matter of fact, some of these apps are really nasty. They only want to pick your pocket and learn all of your personal info. They have nothing to do with matchmaking because they were intended to be charlatans from the very beginning.

Instead of wasting money and time on too many dating apps, I wanted to help you today by providing a full review of Affair Dating. This review will help you determine whether or not this site is the right fit to meet your needs.

The Method Used to Compose this Affair Dating Review

To provide the most accurate information in this review, I set up my own profile on Affair Dating and tried the service for a month. I originally tested it out as a free user to get a feel for the website and to test the level of spam. Then I checked it out as a paid user to determine if the additional perks are worth the cost of admission. I also determined the level of safety of the website by giving them my credit card to pay for the service and then I waited to see if anything untoward happened.

While on the site, I attempted to connect with 50 women in an effort to set up dates with them. I figured there’s no point to using the website if it’s impossible to get a date with anyone, so 50 seemed like a good number to test.

Before diving into the complete Affair Dating review, I’d like to share a comparison between this site and my all-time favorite site Adult Friend Finder.

A Quick Comparison of Affair Dating vs Adult Friend Finder (1-10 Ranking)

Best Overall Website:

  • Affair Dating – 1 out of 10
  • Adult Friend Finder – 9.5 out of 10

Quality of Females:

  • Affair Dating – 5 out of 10
  • Adult Friend Finder – 9 out of 10

Website Popularity:

  • Affair Dating – 5 out of 10
  • Adult Friend Finder – 10 out of 10

Website Usability:

  • Affair Dating – 8 out of 10
  • Adult Friend Finder – 9 out of 10

Safety and Privacy:

  • Affair Dating – 10 out of 10
  • Adult Friend Finder – 9 out of 10

Effectiveness of Service:

  • Affair Dating – 1 out of 10
  • Adult Friend Finder – 9 out of 10

Value of Service:

  • Affair Dating – 1 out of 10
  • Adult Friend Finder – 10 out of 10

My Top Recommendation

Based on my first impression alone, I would’ve felt comfortable recommending Affair Dating to my readers. But after testing out the site for 30 days, I actually didn’t receive one positive result or make one connection. Even though the site functions perfectly, their active user base leaves a lot to be desired.

Without an active user base, you should take your money and spend it elsewhere to achieve actual results.

I really hoped that I’d feel comfortable recommending this website to my readers. But as we all know, in the online dating world websites are rarely user-friendly and clean. Affair Dating does deliver on both of these aspects, but the lack of active users trumps the top-quality user interface any day of the week.

Sadly, they didn’t even bombard me with fake spam messages. I guess that’s a plus, but at the same time the site felt like a ghost town.

Are you looking for a legitimate site to check out? Try the free trial for Adult Friend Finder to get actual real results. Their website is the gold standard for getting laid.

The Positive Attributes of Affair Dating

  • The user interface is simple and clean
  • The website loads quickly
  • The website’s navigation is simple to use
  • The user base appears plentiful
  • They do not spam you, which makes the site seem legit and safe

The Negative Attributes of Affair Dating

  • I messaged many potential hook-up partners and I never received a single reply
  • Your patience and insecurities will be tested when 50 consecutive women ignore you

Affair Dating First Impressions

After perusing Affair Dating’s website, I found their landing page promising. They claim to be a free dating service and there was a beautiful woman on the cover. The design was professional to say the least.

Although not outrageous, their logo was simple and effective. Not necessarily my favorite graphic design, but it got the job done and it was hardly my main area of focus anyway.

Here’s where I really started to get tripped up…

Underneath the logo, the text didn’t make a whole lot of sense and it was filled with typos. It wasn’t very inspiring to say the least.

This went on for a while and the text was poorly written. In fact, it seems like it came from a different language and Google Translate translated it over to English, or at least that’s my best guess. A legitimate company should have enough resources to hire an actual translator, right?

I wasn’t very thrilled with my first impression let’s just say.

Adult Friend Finder Is the Serious Place to Go for a Quick Hookup

At this stage, we’re kinda giving away the conclusion that our Affair Dating review was pretty much a bust. This will help you save time if you aren’t planning to read all the way to the end. It’s just not that great a site, and the best hook up site in the business in my opinion is Adult Friend Finder.

I talked about it earlier and I’ve reviewed hundreds of dating sites and hookup apps over the years and Adult Friend Finder is always my favorite choice to recommend to average guys. If you’re really hot then Tinder will work for you too, but you have to be really handsome to get laid on that site.

At the moment, it’s possible to try Adult Friend Finder for free. The website has more than 50 million active users, with many women 30+ years old, who want to hook up with average guys just like you.

So, if you’re an average dude looking to hook up, Adult Friend Finder should be your first stop.

Is Affair Dating Really Free?

After opening an account, I can’t say I became more impressed with the website. Quite the opposite in fact. It looked empty, jumbled, and really confused. Advertisements, pop-ups, and various menus were scattered throughout the website. You could also see a couple of profile pics from members but nothing too fantastic. It’s like showing up to a well decorated party with all of the bells and whistles but no other guests bothered to attend.

I ran a search to check out more members, and the results only gave me three people. After scrolling to attempt to look at additional member profiles, I was hit with an upgrade page. The upgrade page wanted me to pay for the privilege to receive full member benefits and full communication.

Even worse, clicking on the rare member profile that I’m able to view, I actually can’t see everything because they block out certain stuff. They only let you see the entire profile after you give them your money. I sent a message their way but it’s the only message they allowed me to send for free, which is completely unacceptable in my opinion.

This website is advertised as a free site. There should be a lot more going on for free than the little dribs and drabs that they offer. Like any other site, premium upgrades are always going to exist, but they take time to entice you by letting you look at lots of photos and profiles and other things. This site doesn’t even let you look at the basics unless you hand over your credit card. Free users should have the choice to look at profiles, member photos, and even send messages.

Is It Really a Profile Ghost Town?

For half a second, I wanted to believe that my search only delivered three profiles because they were holding things back for their paid subscribers. But this wasn’t the case unfortunately. As far as I can tell, only three people in my area created profiles on theAffair Dating website.

Is that really true? I needed to test this theory by searching for profiles in other areas. So, I searched one of the most highly populated cities in America… I searched New York City. And the results of my search only delivered 12 profiles! This city has 9 million people so something is seriously wrong here. A dating service needs to have a lot more members and this is especially true if they plan on charging to use their app.

Is Affair Dating on Social Media?

My thrill at trying out this website was no longer as optimistic as it once was because fun and adventure don’t seem to be possible anymore. I started searching the company on social media to find out more information about them and it turns out that they do not have an Instagram page.

They did have a Facebook page, so I guess that’s something positive. But it really isn’t because the last post from Affair Dating was from back in 2015, which might as well be decades ago online. In fact, with their inactive Facebook page and their sparse membership, I was beginning to believe that the website was no longer active. But why would they keep it running and continue to charge their members?

Entertainment Is the Name of the Game

Whenever a website starts to turn me off, I began digging into the fine print. Reading a website’s Terms and Conditions page is an eye-opening process indeed. In many cases, the website’s true intentions are found within the legal agreement that they share with users. The Affair Dating legal agreement wasn’t the greatest thing in the world.

For starters, they say their mobile applications and website are used for entertainment and social services purposes to interact and engage with other users. They claim that by being an entertainment website they aren’t technically a dating service. It’s debatable if their website provides actual entertainment, but that’s a different argument for another day!

At the end of the day, just know that Affair Dating wasn’t designed to really help you find your next hookup. But they act like they are and it’s definitely false advertising. Most people sign up for this site because they want to hook up with somebody or maybe even fall in love, but they’re never going to find it because this site only provides “entertainment.” If you want better entertainment, sign up for a Netflix subscription.

The terms and conditions also underhandedly stated that they share fake automatically broadcasted messages. Why would you want to read a message from a woman that’s broadcasting to every guy out there? You want a girl messaging you directly, right? I sure know I do.

And we haven’t even gotten to the bad part yet!

What’s the Worst Thing about Dating Sites?

For me, it’s the online cam providers.

This site has commercial relationship with cam providers. And in the fine print, they say that they market these cam providers to their user base. So, you’re going to end up being bombarded with display ads that seem like profile pics, but they’re actually sketchy cam providers.

These third-party websites are the worst because they riddle your computer with pop-ups, viruses, malware, and other garbage you’d rather avoid. They are basically scam sites that want to harass you and steal your details. Affair Dating is trying to make money from you, plain and simple, and they have no interest in helping you hook up.

And Speaking of Data Theft…

The final thing that I read in their Terms and Conditions practically made me want to vomit. It had everything to do with my data. In a nutshell, they consider your data to be their asset. So, they can sell it, transfer it, or do whatever they want with it once you sign up to their website.

Whatever happened to personal data? Apparently, your personal data isn’t very personal to them. Like I said, they consider your personal data their asset. That’s not very neighborly of them in my opinion!

Is Affair Dating Really Fun and Adventurous?

I had high hopes when I first visited the Affair Dating website to begin my review. But I have to say that things took a wrong turn very quickly and they never recovered. This website is a complete waste of time. Even worse, it’s a website designed to steal your money and your information so you should stay as far away from this site as humanly possible.

Affair Dating admits that they’re a site that exists for entertainment purposes. Yet I never felt entertained at all as I took the steps needed to write this review. So, if you have a half a brain, you’ll forget Affair Dating ever existed.

FAQ for Affair Dating

Now I’d like to share the FAQ that I created with frequently asked questions. I’ve searched the web high and low and determined the questions most commonly asked by people interested in the site. If you’re one of them, you’ll discover the answers you seek in the Q&A section below.

If there’s a question I haven’t covered, tell me about it in the comments. I’ll update the review and provide a thorough answer at your request. What Is It?

Affair Dating is an entertainment website posing as a dating website. While there are a few profiles on the site from other sad saps, the site is basically a deserted ghost town. You shouldn’t bother signing up.

What Is the Affair Dating a Login Process?

Simply create a free account using your email address. They’ll also ask you to create a username and provide your name, location, and age. After you sign up, you can login using your new username and the password you chose during the sign-up process.

Are There Alternative Dating Websites to Affair Dating?

Yes, there are plenty of alternatives that are much better than this website. Most guys will have much better chances of hooking up on the alternatives that I recommend.

How Is It Possible to Use the Free Version of Affair Dating?

The free version is easy to access by creating your profile and logging in. You can look for women in your community but there aren’t going to be many profiles. All other services require you to upgrade to the paid version. They aren’t worth it!

How Can I Cancel My Membership?

Membership cancellation is easy. The four-step process includes the following:

  • Click your profile pic. You can find it in the top right corner.
  • Open “My Settings.”
  • Open “Billing History.” From there you want to click “Deactivate Subscription.”
  • Use the cancellation wizard and follow all of the necessary steps to discontinue your payments.

How Can I Delete My Affair Dating Account?

Completely deleting your account is possible. The necessary steps to make this happen include:

  • Click your profile pic. You can find it in the top right corner.
  • Open “My Settings.”
  • Open “Remove Account.” You can find it three quarters down the page.
  • Use the account deletion wizard and follow all of the necessary steps to remove your profile.

How Much Will I Pay for an Affair Dating Subscription?

There are four levels of pricing to choose from. They include:

  • $4.49 for a three-day trial
  • $20.99 for a one-month subscription
  • $11.87 per month for a three-month subscription
  • $9.43 per month for a six-month subscription

Is This a Legitimate Dating Site?

For all intents and purposes, this website is legit. But the user base is nonexistent so it’s virtually worthless if you’re trying to hook up.

Remember, I messaged 50 women and didn’t receive one reply!

The website doesn’t appear untrustworthy on the surface. But active users do not exist.

Is Affair Dating Actually a Scam Site?

Even though it’s legitimate and cannot technically be called a scam, it’s an empty shell with very few active people on it. So, it’s basically useless for your purposes.

How Can I Message Other Users on Affair Dating?

They offer an intuitive way to send messages. But the biggest problem is getting someone to reply to your messages. This is an impossibility.

In all honesty, you have to pay for a subscription in order to send messages on the site. After you pay for your subscription, you can click on a user profile and click the chat button.

It’s easy enough, right?

Click the speech bubble in the top corner on the right to see your current conversations.

How Can I Perform a Search on Affair Dating?

Using to search for potential partners is simple to accomplish. Look at the main navigation and you’ll see a search bar right below it.

The features allow you to change your location, age range, and preferred gender. There are even more specific options if you’d like to narrow your search further.

It’s a well-built site and functions great. It’s too bad nobody’s on it to actually chat with or connect with in the real world.

Have You Had an Experience on Affair Dating? Leave a Comment Below to Let Us Know How it Went.

Moms Get Naughty Review and Full Rating

Throughout this review of Moms Get Naughty, I’d like to tell you about a website that claims it’s an excellent option to use when trying to find single moms looking for their next date. In fact, this website is bold enough to say that it is the #1 website to discover Naughty Single Moms who work hard, play hard, and want to blow off some steam. You can imagine that I was excited to learn if it’s possible to connect with a gorgeous older woman looking to date me on this site.

From personal experience, I can tell you that there are lots of single moms who are out on the prowl and ready to hook up with strange dudes that they meet on the Internet for a one-night stand. Nevertheless, when you go to the majority of dating sites with MILFs as the main focus, it’s usually really hard to find them!

For the most part, these sites only have very small user bases. There aren’t enough women on the sites to make it easy to find a date in your community. Some of these websites are total rip-offs used to bait men into giving them their money to open a premium account. This is supposedly going to help you find older women looking to hook up because they are super horny, but the truth is you’ll end up paying a lot of money to join an empty site that has virtually no one on it.

Is this what you can expect from

Moms Get Naughty: How I Implemented My Review Process

At Hook Up Apps, I have a typical procedure that I usually follow when reviewing websites focused on dating.

First of all, my initial process is to create a brand-new profile on the website to determine whether or not it receives attention. At first, this profile is left blank on purpose. Why? If the website starts sending messages to my blank profile, I can tell you right away that this site is definitely on the sketchy side.

Who would message a blank profile? Nobody worth talking to, that’s who!

Next, after enough time has passed, I will fill out the profile and use the same bio and pictures that I use on other dating websites. And at the appropriate time, I will sift through my successful messages and use opening lines that I would typically get good results with when I pursue women 50 years or older.

At this stage of the game, I’d take notes on my ability to easily connect – or not – with these gorgeous older women when using the website, which in this case is Moms Get Naughty.

I pay close attention to things like:

  • The number of 50-year-old women who look at my profile
  • The number of responses that I receive from my messages
  • Were any of these women willing to give me their contact info? How many?

Last but certainly not least, after using the entirety of the free features on a particular website, I always sign up for a premium subscription. This gives me the chance to really compare the online dating app to other apps and websites that are similar. This is the best way to determine the good from the bad and vice versa.

Was Moms Get Naughty all that it’s cracked up to be? Or am I about to tell you that this site is a complete scam?

Keep reading to discover the truth…

My Complete & Thorough Review of Moms Get Naughty

As you continue reading, you’ll discover my overall summary, followed by the review of Moms Get Naughty. Are you looking for quick answers about the website? You’ll get them very fast because I compare them to my overall favorite website for milfs, which you can read about in my Milfplay review.

I took seven important categories and ranked them out of 10. 10 being the best and 1 being the worst. By comparing them to Adult Friend Finder, you can see whether or not I believe Moms Get Naughty is an effective online hook up site based on my rankings of Adult Friend Finder.

  • Overall: Moms Get Naughty is a 2 and Adult Friend Finder is a 9.5
  • Quality of Women: Moms Get Naughty is a 2 and Adult Friend Finder is a 9
  • Website Popularity: Moms Get Naughty is a 2 and Adult Friend Finder is a 9
  • Website Usability: Moms Get Naughty is a 7 and Adult Friend Finder is a 10
  • Safety and Privacy: Moms Get Naughty is a 7 and Adult Friend Finder is a 10
  • Website Effectiveness: Moms Get Naughty is a 1 and Adult Friend Finder is a 9
  • Worth: Moms Get Naughty is a 1 and Adult Friend Finder is a 10

My Top Recommendation

Overall, I typically spend multiple weeks testing out a website. This is exactly how I approached Moms Get Naughty. It is my unhappy job to tell you that I never once felt like this website was of any value, quality, or worth at all.

On the other hand, if you’re a guy looking to hook up you should definitely give Adult Friend Finder a try. It’s my favorite place to meet sexy single MILFs.

Avoid Moms Get Naughty like the Plague!

Before going into the full review, I performed a few tasks to determine if this website is a scam or not. There were lots of red flags from Moms Get Naughty when I perform my initial testing. As I continued using the app, I got the feeling they were baiting me to pay for their expensive premium subscription. But I knew I wouldn’t get much if anything in return.

Moms Get Naughty Sends Automated Spam Messages Promoting Their Premium Membership

To create legitimate reviews, we create a blank profile without a bio and leave it empty for a full 24 hours. If lots of beautiful women begin sending tons of messages, it’s very obvious that the website is shady at best. For the most part, these are bots sending messages in an effort to tempt you to sign up for the premium subscription.

To make sure a website is legitimate and on the up and up, I look for the beautiful women sending messages to blank profiles. Would they really send these messages right away? Highly unlikely!

And how about within the first 24 hours? Would they send tons of messages to premium accounts like they sent to mine? The odds aren’t very much in my favor unfortunately because these messages are coming from fake bots.

After years of experience testing different apps and websites, I can tell you that right away I already knew that Moms Get Naughty is involved in fraudulent activities.

But I needed to go further. I needed to really confirm my suspicions. So, I signed up for their premium membership for one week just to see what happens.

My Latest Problems: Generic Profiles, Poorly Written Messages, and Zero Responses

Every one of the messages I received couldn’t be real because they are way too filled with spam. Nonetheless, I sent replies to each one and even sent a couple of cold emails to single moms in my area. In total, I sent 50 messages altogether.

My Results: Zero Replies

Even though I sent messages to profiles with photos, they each only contain a generic sentence in their bio and nothing more.

Moms Get Naughty claims to be the home for naughty moms, yet this home seems like it was abandoned a long time ago!

Moms Get Naughty Is a Member of a Large Conglomerate of Really Bad Dating Websites

It doesn’t surprise me much that I have to warn you against this website. Why? Moms Get Naughty shares the same design as many online dating websites that I’ve checked out in the past that were also fraudulent and poor quality.

Other terrible members of this network include: Meet Wild, Want Matures, and Get Naughty, among others. Across this network, you’ll even find duplicate profiles! And on each of these sites, I received zero replies, which is frustrating and fake.

Forget About Moms Get Naughty. Try Adult Friend Finder Instead!

I’ve tested dozens or more dating websites and Moms Get Naughty is one of the worst. You shouldn’t waste your time or money seeking naughty moms on this site.

Do you really want to hook up with naughty moms? Hell yeah you do! Ignore this scam site and join Adult Friend Finder instead. It’s been around since the early 2000s and to this day it’s still one of the best.

Because they’ve been around for so long, AFF has a huge community and gigantic user base. It’s my go-to site because the members are real, they’re down for a quick no strings hookup, and if you’re DTF you’ll love this site too! You can look for committed relationships or casual flings and find what you’re looking for.

Even better, AFF is always looking for new users so they make it really easy to give the site a try. You can sign up for their free trial and give the site a whirl with no strings attached and no commitment.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • They did a solid job designing the website


  • Can’t message using a free account
  • Can’t read your messages when the account is free
  • Apparent fake accounts send tons of spam messages
  • No replies whatsoever, which means their bot profiles aren’t real.
  • No naughty moms in to be found!

Pics, Profiles, and Members

The “so-called” women on this website range from ages 29 to 78. It’s very easy to add lots of information, personal details, and more to your profile through their multiple-choice questions. They also have a status that allows you to add 140 characters, personal videos, and photos.

As I browse through the site, the majority the profiles had at least one photo or more. But none of the bios had anything besides a simple generic line of text. You have an option to ask members to fill out certain details regarding themselves, but I never found evidence that any of these profiles were actual real women.

Website Design

One of the few things that I can say for certain is that the website is well-designed. The site is also simple to navigate and very easy to understand. On the homepage, you can look for women that you find interesting. You can sort these women by location and age. There is even a chat button that you can click below each profile that pops up a chat box window on the right side of the screen at the bottom. This pop-up box makes it easy to access previous chats. If this website was legitimate, the design is simplistic yet very functional, but the women aren’t real.

Chat & Messaging

Expect to receive tons of spammy messages as soon as you create your free account. The only way to reply to these messages is to pay for a premium membership, otherwise they block you. After your membership is paid for, you can then send as many messages as you want to as many accounts as you want. Send photos, videos, and text in these messages. My research tells me that none of the messages you send are going to get replied to, including the ones I sent to messages received prior to opening a premium account.

Moms Get Naughty Free Membership Features

Basically, you can do very little with a free account. They let you set up a free profile and receive messages but you cannot read or respond to any of these illegitimate messages anyway. You’ll just know that they’re waiting for you, which is how they entice you to sign up for a premium membership.


The advertisements on the site are small text ads that you can find periodically throughout the site. Some of the ad examples include:

  • 19 Girls Want to Talk to You
  • 7 Girls Can’t Wait to Hear from You

These are bogus ads. Try not to get sucked in or fooled by them.

Price Structure

The price structure is simple and easy to understand. The price points consist of the following:

  • Sign up for one day for $.99
  • Sign up for one week for $7.00
  • Sign up for one month for $28.80
  • Sign up for three months for $48.60

This membership isn’t worth any money in the world even if it may seem cheap to you on the surface. None of the add-ons matter because none of the MILFs on the website are actually real!

Moms Get Naughty FAQ

How Can I Log into My Moms Get Naughty Account?

At the top of the homepage in the right corner, there is a login button. Click it and fill in your username and password.

How Can I Search on This Website?

In the main navigation, there is a search button that you can click on. They let you filter through your searches using location and age.

How Can I Send Messages on Moms Get Naughty?

When viewing a member’s picture in the search results, you’ll notice a chat button that you can click on. This chat button is also located at the top of the profile page.

The Steps to Delete a Moms Get Naughty Account

  • At the top right corner, click your profile pic
  • Go to My Settings
  • Near the bottom of the page, please click the Remove Account button
  • Fill in your password
  • Add a check to the box that states, “Remove my profile, contacts and personal information completely.”
  • Give them your reason for canceling
  • Tell them why you intend to cancel
  • Confirm your cancellation
  • They’ll send you an email. Once you receive it, click the link to complete the cancellation process.

Remember, they will keep billing you regularly until you cancel your account. Please keep this in mind because I would not want you to lose your money.

Is Moms Get Naughty Really a Scam?

Yes, it is! The website works hard to convince customers to join their premium service, but they do not deliver the goods. If you know anyone else looking for naughty moms on the Internet tell them to stay far away from this site!