New York City Hookups

There’s something about big cities that attract a lot of tourists that just make it a bit easier to have a casual hook up.  We recently published our guide on the popular tourist stop and how to hook up in Vegas, but today we aim our sites on a much, much bigger fishing pond:  New York City!

There may not be a single place in the entire world with the diversity and abundance of people you’ll find in the five boroughs of New York City.  Between the food scene and the bar atmosphere, you are always steps away from an amazing night and potential New York City Hookups.  With over eight million people, you have to like your odds!

Any hook up app will yield far more results in NYC than in any other market.  The best part is there is usually an abundance in a close proximity as well.  While you’ll find more hook up bars in NYC than in other markets, even without a road map you could fare very well just stumbling around, but if you don’t have time for that, then sign up for a hook up app and just start swiping and messaging as it’s purely a numbers game.

Recommended Hook Up Apps & Bars in New York City

As advocates of playing the numbers game, we’re always looking to go the app route to make initial contact with potential sexual partners.  However, if you are the type of person that likes to run your game in person, there are plenty of places for you to do that in the city that never sleeps.  Continue on to find out which hookup bars we recommend in New York City and also see which apps we’ve had the most success with.

G Bar in the Bronx

Check out G Bar, a spot that features brick walls and candlelit tables that provide an unforgettable tone that will help you close any date or find one there.  This is connected to Giovanni’s Italian restaurant and they have live music and DJ’s.  As a kicker, they have a three hour happy hour!

G Bar
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#1 NYC Hook Up App is is the app of choice in New York City.  This has always been the best hook up app we’ve recommended nationwide, but when you use it in New York City, you’ll see that the massive pool of people using the app has a big chunk of them living in and visiting NYC.  You are always a message away from an insane amount of local talent ready for sexual pleasures.

There are many other options you can use that will hook you up with people in different groups, such as older, wealthier, arrangement seekers, etc, but every man and woman that is looking for a good old fashioned hook up will find that when in New York City, simply offers a huge range of options.  Sign up here, start sending messages either before or during your trip, don’t be afraid to meet up at one of these spots to grab a pre hook up drink, and come back to thank us later.

Read our full review if you have further questions about the app and how it works.  

The Top of the Standard – Manhattan Meatpacking District

Another great bar is the Top of the Standard. This has a penthouse feel because frankly, you are in the penthouse of the Standard High Line Hotel, one of the most sought after stays in the city.  You’ll find people from all over staying here to work hard, and play harder.  In fact, while the lobby bar isn’t too shabby either, the Top of the Standard is THE place for Manhattan views, craft cocktails, and exciting times. Go for a drink, and you may just get lucky with someone staying right there in the hotel, which is known as a place where promiscuous people like to see and be seen.

top of the standard
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#2 Hook Up App in New York is Adult Friend Finder

If is the Michael Jordan of hook up apps, Adult Friend Finder is definitely the Kobe Bryant.  You’ll find an amazing experience with people looking for sex, and nothing but sex, on Adult Friend Finder.  They boast over 90 million regular users and you’ll find this site to be very popular in any city in the USA, and even internationally.

Arthur’s Tavern New York City

This live music spot is always hopping with a lively crowd, a full bar, and lots of noise!  They say it’s the best of jazz and blues, but last time we were there they played a full set of Prince as he had just passed away, and it was spectacular.  The small bar is some of the best bar real estate you’ll find in the USA, so come early, and stay late, or you’ll be standing most of the time and having a hard time trying to relax.  Kay, the bartender, is an absolute trip who will blow you away with humor and serve you the best drinks you’ll ever have.  Oh, and did we say there are many singles here?  There’s a reason it’s been hopping for over 70 years in Greenwich village!

arthurs tavern

These are your best bets for getting laid in New York City.  If you don’t know how to get laid in New York City after reading this, you should probably just not try to get laid.

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