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We’re living in a much different culture than the ones our parents grew up in.  Sexual preferences and fetishes are discussed much more freely and without as much judgement.

This website was created to cover the hookup culture and to help people understand more about safe sex and other related hook up topics.

What is the Meaning of “Hooking Up?”

The hook up meaning has been shaped by people who engage in one night stands, casual sex, and other intimacy that doesn’t necessarily involve emotions or a personal bond.

Most people are finding life difficult enough as it is without being in a committed relationship.  Generally, “hooking up” can range from kissing, heavy petting, or more advanced sexual activity between willing sexual partners.  The hookup meaning dates back to around the year 2000, according to Wikipedia.  Other terms you may hear to reference hook ups could be “sex without dating,” or “non relationship sex.”

Over time, casual dating has taken on an entirely new form, with a huge nod to the Internet for providing a platform to reach someone in mere seconds and not have that sometimes nervous twitch that could happen when people approach one another in a bar or restaurant.  It all started with fairly mainstream dating websites like Match.com, eHarmony, and Yahoo! Personals.  People could sign up, create an account, add some pictures and fill out some notes about themselves on a profile, and then use the internal search engine to find someone suitable that they could message and perhaps go on a date with.

Fast forward to 2020, and the emergence of mobile phone accessible dating apps has changed the way people “meet.”

Tinder was perhaps the first platform that provided the easiest way to show interest in someone when they launched their singles platform that allowed users to “swipe right” to tell the other user they had an interest in them.  The swiping app culture grew to crazy new heights and other apps like Bumble and Hinge followed suit.

According to Pew Research, 48% of people aged 18-29 have used an online dating app.  Further, roughly six in ten people who were actively seeking out people online said they had a positive experience.

The Emergence of Hook Up Apps

As if being able to flick your finger to the right to show interest in someone wasn’t easy enough to try to find casual hook ups, tech savvy companies have created sex dating apps that cater to people looking to hook up with other users.  This straight forward approach certainly turns off the people who are looking to go on several dates before starting any intimacy with a new partner, as well as perhaps turns off people seeking their soul mate, but for those interesting in carrying out the exact definition of hooking up with a stranger, these sites are RED HOT.

The top hook up apps are widely used by adults who seek casual encounters without all of the strings that normally come with mainstream dating sites.  Sure, there may be a “getting to know one another” period which could require drinks, dinner, or actually picking up the phone and having a conversation with one another, but the expectation here is that when people show interest in one another it’s to carry out a sexual encounter.  All types of people, both male and female, sign up for hook up websites seeking romantic encounters without the expectation of having to have any further bond or relationship outside of the bedroom.

This is the new norm.

While adult oriented sex dating apps have been thriving for many years, the growth has been significant in recent years as single men and women who are too busy to take part in traditional dating are looking to fulfill their sexual fantasies and carry on with their lives.  You’ll often hear of “Tinder hookups,” where people who met on Tinder get right into a sexual relationship without knowing each other well, but more often than not, on sites like Tinder, both women and men are looking for that certain someone to date and aren’t necessarily looking for the casual flings that are offered in the very direct world of dating on apps for hooking up.

How to Hook Up With Someone Online

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Is Hooking Up Bad?

According to a report published by Boston University, there are experts in the health field that have gone on record stating that hooking up can be bad as it can do emotional harm.  It has the potential to negate emotional needs and also offers the risks of sexually transmitted diseases.

While we do insist that everyone should be upfront about any known STD’s as well as intentions when having physical stimulation with anyone else, we argue against the experts here and feel that hooking up is good for mental health and provides confidence to men and women who feel alone.  Having someone into you, even just in a sexual way, can be a very fulfilling feeling.